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C5 Proto

Although Google Sketchup is an amazing design tool, sometimes you just need to "get the feel" of a new project. After making a few cases, I noticed that I kept taking them apart to measure things and visualize component placement for a new design. That was fairly tedious. It finally occurred to me that I really needed a case for prototyping.

The C5 prototype case is totally minimalist.  I would definitely recommend this as your FIRST case. It's really handy. I have several C5 cases in bright red so I can find them easily:
  • 38mm x 38mm x 13mm case
  • easy inspection of physical board-to-board interaction
  • fast and easy insertion of wiring jumpers
  • quick snap-down board insertion
  • dual sidewall rulers with 1mm tick marks
  • stack-able with 11mm C4 board spacing 
  • prevents electrical shorts caused by "squished stack of PCB's"
  • prevents electrical shorts caused by "metal doohickeys on desk"
  • legs provide standoff for bottom-entry accessory boards
  • sidewall cutout for oversize or external interfaces (e.g., USB)
  • 3D printable pair of C5 cases