Professional Opportunities Networking Group (PONG)

Supporting Job Seekers in Greater Milwaukee | **NEW LOCATION as 6/3/19**

Meetings are Mondays from 8:30-11:00 am at the LAK Group - 375 Bishops Way, Brookfield, WI

*For safety reasons, it is mandatory to maintain the 60 person capacity limit.*

Each meeting includes brief introductions followed by a guest speaker or workshop and networking at the end.

*** NEW PONG LOCATION: LAK Group - 375 Bishops Way, Brookfield, WI ***

Why come to PONG?

  1. Be inspired by guest speakers
  2. Learn job seeking tips and strategies
  3. Meet new contacts and make new friends
  4. Share job leads
  5. Get job search encouragement and support
  6. Energize and stay accountable with the help of others
  7. Explore interests and practice skills in a welcoming environment

It's completely FREE; No registration needed.

Seeking a new job takes perseverance – it can be tough to remain focused and positive when met with the uncertainties or pressures ahead. It can feel like you're doing all the right things –searching the job boards, sending out resumes, filling out applications and so on, but still not getting the hits or the offers you're hoping for. That's why it's essential to connect with other job seekers who share your frustrations and can empathize with your struggle.

Coming to PONG meetings can give you the weekly boost of energy you need in order to keep up your search – and can offer strategies and recommendations you may not yet have considered. Since many jobs are not advertised, networking can open up the hidden job market. It is key to develop friendly connections with people who can tip you off to job openings or perhaps even introduce you to a hiring manager. There is truth in, "It's not what you know, but who you know."

Meetings held weekly on Mondays* from 8:30 –11:00 am**

***NEW LOCATION: The LAK Group - 375 Bishops Way, Brookfield, WI***

Please park in the back of the lot to make room for LAK Group employees. (Directions)