Professional Opportunities Networking Group

supporting job seekers since 2010

PONG weekly meetings in this era of Covid-19 have "gone virtual" and will remain virtual through the end of 2020.

NEW!NEW! NEW! We now require attendees to register for virtual meetings, to reduce risk of virtual meeting "bombing".

We invite job-seekers to:

    • join PONG MKE LinkedIn group, and post best practices and on-line learning opportunities:
      • HINT: to receive all posts, click "Manage notifications" on the group and set to "All new posts"
    • follow PONG MKE LinkedIn page
    • sign-up for the PONG newsletter on the "sign-up" tab to receive weekly email updates.
    • check the resources page for learning opportunities while we stay "safer at home" and physically distance from one another.

Thank you for your understanding, help those in need, stay "safer at home" and wash your hands... wash your hands... wash your hands.


Best Practices | Virtual Meetings and Video Conference Calls

    • Log into video conference tool (Zoom / Go To Meeting / Skype) when you receive meeting invitation if you have not previously used the tool to assure you are ready at time of meeting. Google search features of video tool you will be using to familiarize yourself with the tool prior to the meeting.
    • Join the video meeting at least 5 minutes prior to start of meeting. If it is a
    • Mute your microphone when signing in. Rustling of papers and other background noises are a distraction to other participants.
    • Make sure your camera is enabled. The purpose of video conference (virtual meeting) versus conference call is to better connect with people during this time of physical distancing.
          • Make sure you are looking into the camera during virtual meeting. For example, move your laptop when you have it connected to multiple monitors so that it is your main monitor for video conference. Otherwise, other participants may be looking at the side of your face during the call. Eye contact is just as important virtually, as it is during in-person meetings.
          • Turn camera off when walking away or doing something that would create a distraction for other participants. Turn camera back on upon your return. A Post It Note works well, too!
          • If you move your laptop, the camera moves too!
          • Raise your laptop so that the camera is at same height as your face, which allows other participants to better see your face. Placing your laptop on a stack of books works as well as a laptop stand.
          • When using a mobile device, be sensitive of the distraction of walking around and the possibility of an embarrassing situation when taken to other rooms, like the restroom.
    • Practice with your background and lighting.
          • Remove clutter from the background.
          • Pets and or family members moving around in the background can be distraction.
          • A light in front of your camera is recommended. Close window blinds unless you are facing them. Natural lighting is great when used effectively.
    • Locate the chat box and type in a “hello” message upon entering the virtual meeting room.
    • Locate and use the “raise your hand” feature when you would like to speak.
          • Take your microphone off of mute when speaking, then put back on mute when done.
    • Dress for the virtual meeting like you would for an in-person meeting, especially when attending a virtual interview!
    • Be courteous, this is a new platform to some people!!
    • Smile, you are on camera!!!


PONG is a 100% volunteer group created to support job seekers in the search for their next employment opportunity. We meet weekly every Monday (except on holidays), a great way to kick off the "work" week of job hunting. Yes, the job hunt is work! And we are committed to providing support, tools and encouragement for your success.

Join us Monday mornings:

    • 8:30 am - 10:30 am for workshop| guest speaker
    • 10:30 am - 11:00 for networking

Meeting space provided compliments of The LAK Group

    • 375 Bishops Way
    • Brookfield, WI 53005
    • Lower Level Conference Room
      • Please park in the rear of the parking lot, in respect for building tenants
      • Seating is limited, please arrive early - doors open at 8:15 am
      • DIRECTIONS - Link to Google Maps