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Port Moresby school of excellence is a youth development football club that was founded in 2010 by Wayne Taylor, president of the PNG school soccer association. The side is currently participating in the PMSA association in Port Moresby as of the start of 2012. The majority of this team consist of the recent  U17 Papua New Guinea soccer team and therefore it boasts the club.

Recent announcements

A fantastic start to the 2012 PMSA Super league premier team, in the 30th minute Daniel Taylor had crossed the ball from the right flank to striker Numa Kilah but had been intercepted, the ball goes to left back David Madai, passes the ball to Left Flank Junior Miles Emil in which crossed the ball over the keeper, hitting the crossbar straight towards Lap Embel a metre away to simply head the ball in. A 'TOP' effort from every single player especially keeper Billy Ame. 1st debut as keeper for the premier team. The team had come out victorious thou drawing with the defending champs, SOE had dominated the game and had shown their supporters of what's to come.

1st pre-season Game: POMSOE v MUNGKAS FC

The premier men having been training for almost 2 months now, and have been working on new tactical like wise on technical skills to enhance their chances of scoring. At this stage strikers Numa kilah, Rodney Mobiha, Daniel Taylor and Soloio are the sides game takers and are expected from the manager to score many goals in these preseason trial games. Players Numa kilah and Daniel Taylor are the ones to keep an eye out on this weekends game against Mungkas FC, both seek chances and are able to score from outside the box. Players the likes of Samson Poesi and Aythen Yagas are also to keep an eye out for through their control in the backs and midfield.

POMSOE fc 2011 - Papua New Guinea - OFC - YouTube