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Performances - general approach for gigging pluckers

posted 23 Mar 2015, 14:58 by Pete Coote   [ updated 30 Mar 2015, 02:08 ]

From the Pluckers March 2015 committee meeting... 

Reviewing festivals this year, we thought it would be a good idea to restate gig general expectations early, so that every Pompey Plucker Festival performances is the best we can do; whilst including as many willing pluckers as possible*.We hope you agree with our approach and would welcome and suggestions for improvement:

Our approach to practice and selection for gigs including festivals:

EXPECTATION: Pluckers should attend practice on the Thursday before the gig to ensure set list is fully understood.

>  There have been occasions where people have turned up with different versions and keys etc.

GIG ARRANGEMENTS:  Festival gigs are often oversubscribed as everyone likes to play them, this has caused various difficulties on stage

> Please confirm your attendance to these gigs ONLINE; we’ll aim to share out the allocation so that all Pluckers get a Festival performance

>  If you don’t seem to be getting invites please let us know your email address

ARE CALENDAR INVITES WORKING FOR YOU? The online calendar had made organisation much easier, however there are still some people who are unable to register their attendance or not on invites. ARE YOU DOING IT RIGHT?

>  Please use the Yes; Maybe; No choices at the bottom of the invite rather than the boxes on the top, this has been found to overcome the issue

>  Obtaining a Gmail account also seems to help, please don’t forget to tell us your new email address so we can send the invite out to the right email address

>  If it still doesn’t work, please contact Peter Coote – Thanks


> If PA is being used, be mindful to keep your stands and gear away until it's all set up, think health & safety

>  Think Audience impression Once set up, there is no need to be on stage until 2 -3 minutes before the performance starts; go and have a drink, a pee, a snooze, or anything, until it's time to start. Please keep strumming and picking to a minimum whilst tuning up. Once we are tuned up we should save the strumming for our performance

> Bring your own music sheets, don't rely on sharing someone else's unless you've agreed this in advance.

> Enjoy it and engage with the audience best you can by looking, smiling, wearing silly stuff, etc., remember if you appear to be enjoying yourself, it rubs off on the audience

Known Festivals 2015
  • Portchester Beer Festival 18th April (max 20)
  • Paddle Round the Pier 5th July (max 15)
  • Denmead prom 11th July (max 20)
  • Wickham Festival 6th August (max 15)
  • Victorious Festival 29th-30th August (max 15)
  • Cider & Sausage Festival 24th Oct (max 20)

* Selection for high profile gigs will normally be by the gig organiser. They will try, where possible to select the group by a combination of availability, ability, long term commitment (i.e. regular support to other gigs and Thursday night practices) and the principle of sharing the high profile gigs amongst all willing Pluckers. This can be difficult and some Pluckers may be disappointed from time to time. If that is the case please talk to a member of the committee. We wish to be inclusive and include all those wish to play when possible

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