Gig Etiquette

Pompey Pluckers performance etiquette for all gigging members

posted 23 Mar 2015, 14:58 by Pete Coote   [ updated 25 Sep 2017, 02:57 ]

1.     Performing Pluckers should attend practice on the Thursday before the gig to ensure set list is fully understood.

2.     On site, an early arriving plucker should identify and communicate to other pluckers

                      i.        Our performance area

                     ii.        A Green Room to store our bags and be away from the event

                    iii.        Timings of performance etc..

3.     If PA is being used:

                      i.        Stay clear of the stage until it’s set up or asked by the technical plucker to help

                     ii.        Keep your stands and gear away until it's all set up,

                    iii.        Think health & safety

4.     Audience impression:

                      i.       Once set up, keep off the stage until just before the performance

                     ii.       If a GREEN ROOM has been provided, use it to tune up and relax

                    iii.       Keep strumming and picking to a minimum before the performance

5.     Be respectful of the event. We are not always the main attraction, people are there to meet, chat, celebrate etc., not to listen to us practicing strumming or drumming.

     Please respect Pompey Pluckers' reputation by not promoting other non-Pompey Pluckers activities while we are at the gig.

6.     Remember that you are representing Pompey Pluckers and we have a reputation to maintain

7.     Bring your own music sheets; don't rely on sharing someone else's unless you've agreed this in advance. Make sure they’re the right version and key

8.     Enjoy it and engage with the audience best you can by looking, smiling, wearing silly stuff, etc., remember if you appear to be enjoying yourself, it rubs off on the audience


a)     Please use the online calendar, it has made organisation much easier

b)    Select one of the Yes; Maybe; No options, you can write a small note if you need to explain your option. i.e. “I can play if needed”, “I can give a lift to people if necessary” etc.

c)     Use either the email invite  OR the online google calendar to select your availablity

Difficulty with responding to google event invites on-line

                      i.        Use the choices at the bottom of the invite rather than the boxes on the top; this has been found to overcome most issues

                     ii.        Obtaining a Gmail account can also help, make sure you tell us your new email address

                    iii.        If it still doesn’t work, please contact Peter Coote

Festival gigs


Festival gigs are sometimes oversubscribed; this has caused various difficulties on stage

·         Please confirm your attendance to these gigs ONLINE; we’ll aim to share out the allocation so that all Pluckers get a Festival performance

·         If you don’t seem to be getting invites please let us know your email address

·         We hope you agree with our approach and would welcome and suggestions for improvement:

·         Selection for high profile gigs will normally be by the gig organiser, who will try, where possible to select the group by a combination of availability, ability, long term commitment (i.e. regular support to other gigs and Thursday night practices) and the principle of sharing the high profile gigs amongst all willing Pluckers. This can be difficult and some Pluckers may be disappointed from time to time. If that is the case please talk to a member of the committee. We wish to be inclusive and include all those wish to play when possible

Updated 3rd July 2017

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