Gig Checklist

If you get an enquiry about booking Pompey Pluckers for a gig…

 1.      DONATION: You’ll need to quote our standard attendance donations:

a.      £60 minimum for community & individual requests (with the proviso we may put the bucket round at the event)

b.      Negotiate for corporate events, weddings etc., (with the proviso we may put the bucket round at the event)

    NOTE: Some street events may need a licence to collect money requested beforehand, we may get a large fine if we don’t

2.      DETAILS: Obtain details of the event:

a.      Venue: the size of the event, how many people attending, etc.

                                                              i.     Inside – We normally aim for an acoustic set, with just a few microphones and a combo amp; unless it’s a big venue –                                      when we’ll need to borrow a PA or get the organisers to arrange it.

                                                            ii.      Outside – We only do ‘busking type’ gigs, unless a PA is provided by the organisers 

b.      Date - Start time - Length & times of set(s)

e.      Contact details of enquirer, email/mobile, access and parking

 3.      SET EXPECTATIONS. Tell enquirer you’ll confirm when we have enough members available.

 4.      CAN WE DO IT? Check out who can come:

  • Go to and use the contact email to register the details to our calendar, include if you will be organising the event or need someone else to do it

  • Confirm with enquirer if we can do it or not. (Always refuse gig if not enough 'lead' members are available).

  • Note if they require a RECEIPT and/or an INVOICE.

Then, once we’ve agreed we’re going to play the gig…

  • CREATE SET LIST. Create and distribute appropriate set list. (Plus some spares for encores)(Suitable for both attending pluckers and for particular event attendees. Often this means bringing hard copies to rehearsal as not all download from internet.

  • AMPLIFICATION - Do we need any amplification? If so, who’ll be taking it to the gig?

  • ATTEND PRE-GIG REHEARSAL - Make sure you’re at the rehearsal before the gig and ensure we’re happy for all the songs in the Set List.

  • LIAISE WITH CONTACT. Liaise with gig contact throughout for queries, glitches etc.

  • ATTEND GIG. Liaise with gig contact to match in to any changed arrangements on the day - Collect Attendance Donation 

  • INVOICE. Advise Ian to send invoice (when necessary).