Gig Archive

POMPEY PLUCKER's has been gigging since 2009 and played over 555 performances.

2010 18
2011 25

16-Nov-18 Folk Night , Bramshott & Liphook Social Club 
10-Nov-18 Glow Ride , Outside D-Day Museum, Southsea 
27-Oct-18 Brunel Court, Nutfield Place Portsmouth
21-Oct-18 Great South Run times  
20-Oct-18 Birthday Rita, Inn Lodge Portsmouth Burrfields Road
13-Oct-18 Harvest Festival times, Droxford Parish Hall
6-Oct-18 Highslopes Community Centre, Carlton Rd, Portchester
6-Oct-18 Aquarius Birthday Party
6-Oct-18 Steve's 60th Party, The Church of the Resurrection
29-Sep-18 Drayton and Farlington Action Group, The Drayton Centre
25-Sep-18 Trafalgar Court, Richmond Road
21-Sep-18 Homewater House, Hulbert Road, Waterlooville
19-Sep-18 Hilary's Birthday, Homehights, Portsmouth
12-Sep-18 Dementia Group, Pompey Study Centre, Anson Road
11-Sep-18 Hamilton House, 6 Drayton Lane
9-Sep-18 Taste of Wickham, Wickham Square
7-Sep-18 Bresler House
4-Sep-18 Alexandra Rose, 358 Havant Rd, Portsmouth
31-Aug-18 Charles Clark House, 2 Apsley Rd, Southsea 
27-Aug-18 Emsworth Show, Recreation Ground, Horndean Rd, Emsworth
23-Aug-18 Age UK Party , The Bradbury Centre
22-Aug-18 Royal Albert Day Centre Brunel Court
18-Aug-18 South Downs Show, Queen Elizabeth Country Park
15-Aug-18 Bluebell Nursing Home , St. Ronan's Road 
12-Aug-18 St Mary's Church Picnic in the Park
12-Aug-18 Portchester FC, Wicor Recreation Ground
5-Aug-18 Moneyfields Allotments times
4-Aug-18 Carleen Care Home, Portchester Road Fareham
28-Jul-18 90th Birthday Party, Paulsgrove Social Club
24-Jul-18 Portsmouth Live at Home scheme, Eastney Methodist Church
23-Jul-18 Thelma, Deep Blue, South Parade Pier
22-Jul-18 Littlehampton  Stage by the Sea
21-Jul-18 Baffins Fun Day, Tangier Field
21-Jul-18 Blackbrook house Summer Fete 
14-Jul-18 Relay for Life , Mountbatten Centre
12-Jul-18 WI, Deverell Hall, Purbrook
9-Jul-18 90th Birthday Party, Mitchell Lodge
8-Jul-18 Paddle round the Pier
7-Jul-18 Summer Fair , Christ Church, Widley
7-Jul-18 Strawberry Faye, Buckland Community Centre 
6-Jul-18 Aquarius Care
5-Jul-18 Queen Alexandra Hospital 
1-Jul-18 Edinburgh House, Sundridge Close
29-Jun-18 Birthday Parties & Anniversary, Langstone Conservative Club
23-Jun-18 Colden Common Community Centre, St Vigor Way
23-Jun-18 BBQ Shep times, Whale Island 
19-Jun-18 Alexandra Rose, Havant Road
11-Jun-18 The Victory Primary School
11-Jun-18 Blackbrook house
9-Jun-18 Summer Fayre, Manor Farm, Church Lane, Eastergate 
9-Jun-18 Babs, Greenwich Court, 25 King St
8-Jun-18 Wicor Primary School
7-Jun-18 Bresler House
2-Jun-18 Highslopes Community Centre
1-Jun-18 Purbrook Masonic Club
27-May-18 Portchester Social Club
18-May-18 Wymering Methodist Church 
12-May-18 New Forest Uke Festival, New Milton
10-May-18 Homewater House
29-Apr-18 Cancer UK Fundraiser, Portchester Castle
28-Apr-18 Pompulele - University of Portsmouth Students' Union
27-Apr-18 RN Club - 17 Pembroke Rd
23-Apr-18 Royal Albert Day care, Brunel Court
21-Apr-18 Kate and Ed's wedding
21-Apr-18 St George's Day, Charles Clark House
20-Apr-18 Acts of Random Kindness (Solent)
17-Apr-18 Alexandra Rose
14-Apr-18 Homesea House, Green Road
12-Apr-18 WI, Colden Common Community Centre
11-Apr-18 Dementia Group, Pompey Study Centre
10-Apr-18 Mary Rose Manor, Copnor Road
31-Mar-18 MAKE, 1 Cornwall Rd
23-Mar-18 Brunel court, Nutfield Place
17-Mar-18 Aquarius Nursing Home
14-Mar-18 Boundless Group - The Good Companion
20-Feb-18 Age UK Portsmouth
21-Jan-18 Feeding the boys
20-Jan-18 RMA Charity event
15-Jan-18 Kate's flat -
23-Dec-17 Aquarius Nursing Home Times
21-Dec-17 QA Hospital
21-Dec-17 Purbrook Masonic Centre
20-Dec-17 Christmas Party, Paulsgrove Community Centre
20-Dec-17 Club 55, Conservative Club
18-Dec-17 Langstone Conservative Club
17-Dec-17 Hardway Sailing Club - Priory Rd
16-Dec-17 Purbrook Heath Bowling Club
13-Dec-17 Boots retirement
11-Dec-17 Southsea Leisure Park
11-Dec-17 Alexandra Bowls Club
10-Dec-17 Port Solent Xmas Gig
10-Dec-17 St Joseph's Church times
9-Dec-17 Rowans @ Cascades
9-Dec-17 Eastney Cruising Association
7-Dec-17 Botley Neighbourhood, Market Hall
6-Dec-17 Bresler House Xmas Party
5-Dec-17 Eastney Methodist Church
4-Dec-17 OAP Club's Christmas party, Church of the Resurrection
3-Dec-17 Hot Walls
2-Dec-17 St Cuthbert's Church
2-Dec-17 Aldingbourne Trust, Cornwall Road
29-Nov-17 Friends of Cumberland House, Square Tower
25-Nov-17 Love Baffins Christmas Market
21-Nov-17 Mary Rose Academy
10-Nov-17 Liphook Folk Club
7-Nov-17 Copperfield House - Wingfield St
28-Oct-17   Halloween Party, Ivy Cottage
28-Oct-17 Milton Market, Corner of Devonshire Ave
22-Oct-17 Great South Run
21-Oct-17 Waverley Bowls Club
14-Oct-17 Botley Market Hall
7-Oct-17 Droxford Parish Hall
5-Oct-17 Birthday Party - Aquarius Nursing Home
30-Sep-17 Drayton and Farlington Action Group, Church of the Resurrection
29-Sep-17 Dockyard Club
29-Sep-17 Blackbrook House Drive
23-Sep-17 Summerson Lodge
10-Sep-17 A Taste of Wickham
9-Sep-17 St Faith's Church
28-Aug-17 Emsworth Show
27-Aug-17 Portchester Social Club
19-Aug-17 Southdown Show, QE Park, Gravel Hill Horndean
13-Aug-17 St Mary's Fair, St. Mary's Church
13-Aug-17 Babs, 21 Greenwich Court, Kings St
12-Aug-17 Groundlings Umbrella Event
11-Aug-17 70th Party , AFC Portchester, Wicor Recreation Ground
6-Aug-17 Moneyfields Allotments
27-Jul-17 Southsea Library Birthday
23-Jul-17 Rowans Summer, Lakeside North HarbourFete
20-Jul-17 Bresler House, Withington Close
16-Jul-17 Littlehampton Uke Jam
14-Jul-17 Pluckers' Xmas party! - North End Bowls Club
8-Jul-17 Christ Church, London Rd
8-Jul-17 Strawberry Faye, Buckland Adventure Playground Malins Road
5-Jul-17 Guildhall carnival
3-Jul-17 Mary Rose Academy
2-Jul-17 Paddle Round the Pier Times
1-Jul-17 70th Birthday Party - Rake Village Hall, Rake
28-Jun-17 20th Ordination Anniversary St Edmunds Church Hall, Napier Rd
24-Jun-17 Traveller's Rest, Church Road, Newton
23-Jun-17 The Churchillian, Portsdown Hill Road
21-Jun-17 Christ Church Hall, London Road
17-Jun-17 50th Wedding Anniversary Garden Party Set List
16-Jun-17 31 Blackbrook House Dr, Fareham PO14 1NX
11-Jun-17 City Museum Gardens, Old Portsmouth
10-Jun-17 St George's Church, Eastergate Church Lane, Chichester
10-Jun-17 Homesea, Green Road
3-Jun-17 Picnic on the green - St James Hospital
2-Jun-17 Purbrook Masonic Hall
27-May-17 Portchester Football Club
27-May-17 Wedding, Stansted House
20-May-17 New Forest Uke Festival
6-May-17 Wedding - Square Tower
3-May-17 Gosport & Stokes Bay Golf Club
29-Apr-17 Summerson Lodge Alverstone Road Southsea PO4 8GS
22-Apr-17 Portchester Beer Festival
13-Apr-17 Lions lunch, Buckland Community Centre Malins Road
8-Apr-17 North End Bowls Club
1-Apr-17 Highbury Community Centre
21-Mar-17 St Johns Catholic Primary School
17-Mar-17 Meon Junior School
16-Mar-17 Alexandra Rose
11-Mar-17 Emsworth Community Association
10-Mar-17 Bresler House
8-Mar-17 Isambard Brunel Junior School
3-Mar-17 Townswomen's Guild AGM, Cosham community centre
28-Feb-17 Elizabeth Lodge 29 Beach Grove
17-Feb-17 Clare's Wedding Set
16-Feb-17 Old House at Home Se
13-Feb-17 Monday Fellowship
4-Feb-17 Retirement - D-Day
16-Jan-17 Masonic Burns Night
25-Dec-16 Salvation Army
22-Dec-16 QA Hospital
21-Dec-16 U3A - Cosham Baptist
20-Dec-16 Pensioners' Xmas lunch
19-Dec-16 Langstone Conservative Club
16-Dec-16 Purbrook Heath Bowls
14-Dec-16 Xmas Party - Club 55
13-Dec-16 Blackbrook house -
13-Dec-16 Portchester Civic So
12-Dec-16 RAF Christmas Lunch
11-Dec-16 Port Solent
10-Dec-16 Rowans Xmas - Cascades
10-Dec-16 Eastney Cruising Ass
8-Dec-16 Botley Neighbourhood
7-Dec-16 NHS Retirement group
6-Dec-16 Mothers Union
4-Dec-16 Trinity Xmas Show
3-Dec-16 St Cuthbert's Christ
1-Dec-16 Drop in - Stroke Club
28-Nov-16 St Swithins
26-Nov-16 Love Baffins - City
24-Nov-16 Southern Electricity
18-Nov-16 Liphook Folk Club -
16-Nov-16 Blind Centre
11-Nov-16 St Mary's Church Quiz
8-Nov-16 Shearwater care home
3-Nov-16  Stacey Lunch Club
31-Oct-16  Brendon Care Club
29-Oct-16  Portchester Cider Festival
15-Oct-16  Drayton and Farlington Action Group
28-Sep-16  Church Holy Spirit
23-Sep-16  Dockyard
21-Sep-16  Southsea Leisure Park - Function Suite
18-Sep-16  Hayling Island Sailing Club
11-Sep-16  Wickham Sq
4-Sep-16  Rowans Fete -Lakeside
3-Sep-16  Water Sports
29-Aug-16  Emsworth Festival
28-Aug-16  Blue water Home
20-Aug-16  Sydenham Court
13-Aug-16  Annie's party
7-Aug-16  Moneyfields allotments
6-Aug-16  Summer Extravaganza - Wateraid
4-Aug-16  Bluebell
31-Jul-16  M33 Anniversary
30-Jul-16  Wedding
29-Jul-16  Southsea Library
17-Jul-16  Jam of Jams - At Stage by the sea
16-Jul-16  Proms in the Park
10-Jul-16  Birthday
9-Jul-16  Christ Church, Widley
6-Jul-16  Portsmouth Music Hub/Cultural Carnival
3-Jul-16  Paddle round the Pier
2-Jul-16  Sustainability Centre Wedding
21-Jun-16  Age UK
18-Jun-16  Homesea House
17-Jun-16  St Vincents
15-Jun-16  Gas Co
12-Jun-16  Street Party
11-Jun-16  Picnic on the green
1-Jun-16  Southsea WI
30-May-16  Dockyard
28-May-16  Purbrook Heath Bowls Club
21-May-16 20th Anniversay
12-May-16 Mary Rose Academy
2-May-16 Explosion
28-Apr-16  Alexandra Rose
21-Apr-16  Royal Maritime Club - Volunteering Awards ceremony
16-Apr-16  POMPULELE 2016 - Ukulele Festival
14-Apr-16  Buckland Community Centre
9-Apr-16 Portchester Beer Festival
19-Mar-16 80th Birthday Party
16-Mar-16 Lord Mayor's charity event
9-Mar-16  Norah Coote's Service and Wake
19-Feb-16  Home Heights
3-Feb-16  RNIB
21-Jan-16  Alexandra Rose
18-Jan-16  Burns Night Dinner, Royal Naval & Royal Albert Yacht Club
25-Dec-15 Salvation Army, 86 Albert Rd, Southsea
22-Dec-15 QA Atrium - Queen Alexandra Hospital Southwick Hill Road,
22-Dec-15 Christmas Lunch - Paulsgrove Community Centre, Marsden Rd
21-Dec-15 Langstone Conservative Club - Emsworth Road Havant
18-Dec-15 POMPEY PLUCKERS XMAS PARTY JAM - Students Union, Cambridge Rd
17-Dec-15 Assherton Court - Assherton Court
15-Dec-15 Portchester Civic Society - Assheton court from Castle Street
14-Dec-15 Southsea Townwomens' Guild: Eastney Community, Bransbury Road
14-Dec-15 Alexandra Bowls Club - Alexandra Bowling & Social Club Northern Parade
14-Dec-15 HEH Christmas Supper - Hedge End Town Council
13-Dec-15 Stacey Centre Christmas Lunch - Stacey Community Centre
11-Dec-15 Uplands Rev - 61 Park La
9-Dec-15 Friends of Cumberland House Square Tower
7-Dec-15 Paulsgrove Monday Club - Paulsgrove Community Centre
6-Dec-15 Choir and Pluckers - Trinity Methodist Church
6-Dec-15 Cash for Kids - Charity Evening - Brasserie Blanc
5-Dec-15 St Cuthberts Church - Hayling Avenue Portsmouth
5-Dec-15 Rowans-St Thomas' Cathedral - High Street
3-Dec-15 Botley neighbourhood care - 11 High St
3-Dec-15 Denmead Belles Set list - Wecock Community Association
1-Dec-15 Mothers Union Christmas songs  - Christchurch widley
28-Nov-15 Baffins Fun day - City Life Church
20-Nov-15 Friendship Club - Paulsgrove Community Centre
18-Nov-15 Spice Island Christmas Fair - Spice Island Inn
17-Nov-15 Spice Island Christmas Fair - Spice Island Inn
14-Nov-15 Val - 75th Birthday - Square Tower
13-Nov-15 St. Mary's Church
9-Nov-15 Welcome Club - The Haven Community Centre
31-Oct-15 Milton Traders event - Rowlands Pharmacy 129 Eastney Rd Southsea
31-Oct-15 Denmead Beer Festival - Denmead Community Centre School Ln
28-Oct-15 Shearwater Home - 18 Moorings Way Southsea PO4 8QW
24-Oct-15 Cider and Sausage - Portchester Community Centre Westlands Grove
22-Oct-15 Guildhall - Portsmouth Guildhall Guildhall Walk
18-Oct-15 Chinese celebration - Portsmouth Guildhall Guildhall Square Portsmouth
11-Oct-15 Grand Southern Ukulele Festival - The Kings Theatre Albert Road
7-Oct-15 St Colemans friendship club - St Colmans Ave Portsmouth
13-Sep-15 Arches by Square Tower - Square Tower Broad St
12-Sep-15 Dockyard Club - Onslow Road Southsea PO5
6-Sep-15 Rowans Hospice Summer Fete - Purbrook Heath Rd Waterlooville
5-Sep-15 St Vincents - Clarence Parade Portsmouth
2-Sep-15 Retired nurses - Cosham community centre
22-Aug-15 Alexandra Rose - 358 Havant Rd Portsmouth
15-Aug-15 South Downs Show - Queen Elizabeth Country Park
14-Aug-15 Wedding - Southsea Tennis Club
9-Aug-15 Moneyfields Allotments - Moneyfields Allotments Teignmouth Rd 
8-Aug-15 Umbrella Festival on Open Air Stage - Groundlings Theatre Portsmouth
6-Aug-15 Bluebell Care Home - Saint Ronan's Road Southsea
6-Aug-15 Wickham Festival - 6pm Acoustic Stage - PO17 5HD Wickham
1-Aug-15 Wedding event - Upper Parsonage Farm Harvesting Lane Petersfield
29-Jul-15 Southsea Library - Southsea Library 19-21 Palmerston Road
27-Jul-15 St Jude's Church - St Jude's Church Kent Road
25-Jul-15 Blackbrook Summer party - Blackbrook House Fareham
18-Jul-15 Sydenham Garden Party - Sydenham Terrace Portsmouth England
13-Jul-15 Hall of the Church of the Resurrection 2 Brecon Avenue
11-Jul-15 Christchurch Fete - Christ Church Portsdown London Road
11-Jul-15 Proms Denmead - Denmead Community Centre School Lane
5-Jul-15 Paddle Round the Pier in Brighton - Hove Lawns Hove
4-Jul-15 Buckland Park - Buckland Park Play Centre Malins Road
4-Jul-15 Whale Island - Whale Island Way Portsmouth PO2
20-Jun-15 Picnic on the Green - St James' Hospital Locksway Road
18-Jun-15 Private Party -
17-Jun-15 Retirement Fellowship British Gas - Christchurch Hall Widley London Road
30-May-15 St Mary's Church for WCT - St. Mary's Church Fratton Road
27-May-15 Wessex Cancer Trust - High Street Portsmouth
24-May-15 Portchester Football Club - Wicor Recreation Ground Cranleigh Road
20-May-15 Stroke Club - Assherton Court Portchester
16-May-15 Sparsholt College Hampshire Westley Lane
3-May-15 Portchester Social Club - 10 Castle Street PO16 9PP
22-Apr-15 Civil Service Updated - St Simon's Church Waverley Road
18-Apr-15 Portchester Beer Festival - Portchester Community Centre 
14-Apr-15 Alexandra Rose 358 Havant Road Portsmouth
12-Apr-15 Southsea Greenhouse - Southsea Greenhouse Southsea Portsmouth 
2-Apr-15 St Vincent's - 20-21 Clarence Parade Southsea PO5 3NU
28-Mar-15 50th Wedding Anniversary - Waterlooville Golf Club Waterlooville
21-Mar-15 St Cuthberts Curch Hayling Avenue
19-Mar-15 Meeting 50+ - Trinity Methodist Church Albert Road Southsea
10-Mar-15 Food Cycle - John Pounds Centre 23 Queen Street
7-Mar-15 Homesea House Party - Homesea House Green Rd
28-Feb-15 Pat & Colin's Diamond Anniversary 'Do' -St Cuthbert's 
11-Feb-15 Blackbrook - 31 Blackbrook House Drive Fareham
10-Feb-15 Springfield School - Springfield School Central Road
31-Jan-15 Lions Club - Cosham Community Centre Wootton St
22-Dec-14 Age UK - Bradbury House PO1 5RZ
21-Dec-14 Gunwharf Quays - in aid of Rowan's 
19-Dec-14 Atrium QA Hospital - Queen Alexandra Hospital
18-Dec-14 St Vincent's House - 20-21 Clarence Parade Portsmouth
17-Dec-14 Lunch Club - Buckland Community Centre Malins Rd
17-Dec-14 Portsdown U3A - Cosham Baptist Church Havant Rd
15-Dec-14 Langstone Club - 33 Emsworth Rd Havant
15-Dec-14 Air Service Xmas lunch:  Alexandra Bowling & Social Club Northern Parade
15-Dec-14 Monday Club - Paulsgrove Comm Centre
11-Dec-14 North End WI Xmas Party - Buckland United Reformed Church Portsmouth
10-Dec-14 Alexandra Rose - Havant Rd Drayton
7-Dec-14 Trinity Methodist Church Albert Rd
6-Dec-14 Christmas Tree Festival - St Cuthberts Church Hayling Avenue
3-Dec-14 Stacey Christmas Lunch - Stacey Centre, Portsmouth
3-Dec-14 Friends of Cumberland House Museum - Square Tower, Broad St
29-Nov-14 Royal Naval Club & Royal Albert Yacht Club, 17 Pembroke Rd
22-Nov-14 President Night, Waverley Bowling, 91 Locay Rd, Southsea
19-Nov-14 PAB, 48 Stubbington Ave, Portsmouth PO2 0HY
14-Nov-14 Nuffield Health Centre, Alexandra Park, Northern Parade
12-Nov-14 Civil Service Lunch Club, Moneyfields Sports and Social Club
25-Oct-14 Cider & Sausage Festival, Portchester Community Centre
22-Oct-14 Blackbrook House, 31 Blackbrook House Drive, Fareham
17-Oct-14 Pluckers' Party, Waverley Bowls club, Waverley Road, Southsea
11-Oct-14 GUMF (Gosport ukulele music festival), Trinity Church, Gosport
2-Oct-14 Age UK, Bradbury House, 16-18 Kingston Road, Portsmouth
1-Oct-14 Friendship Club, St Colman's Church Hall, Portsmouth
25-Sep-14 Southern Electric Retirement Group, Cosham Baptist Church
31-Aug-14 Rowans Fete, Purbrook Heath, Waterlooville
30-Aug-14 Birthday Party, Chichester
30-Aug-14 Ladywood House, Plymouth St, Southsea
25-Aug-14 Southdowns Show, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Horndean
23-Aug-14 Victorious Festival, Beer Tent Southsea Common, Southsea
22-Aug-14 Bluebell Care Home, St. Ronans Ave
19-Aug-14 Portsmouth Carers, Beach Hotel
13-Aug-14 Enable Ability Summer Playscheme
11-Aug-14 Age UK, Bradbury House, PO1 5RZ
9-Aug-14 Belmont, Belmont Castle Retirement Home 18-20 Portsdown Hill Rd
8-Aug-14 Jean & Brian's Wedding Anniversary, Broad Oak Social Club
5-Aug-14 Age UK, PO1 5RZ
3-Aug-14 350 years of Royal Marines at the RM Museum, Eastney
2-Aug-14 Southsea Show, Southsea Common, Clarence Parade
1-Aug-14 Southsea Show, Southsea Common, Clarence Parade
30-Jul-14 Lunch Club, Malins Road, Buckland, Portsmouth
26-Jul-14 Southwick Show, Southwick, PO17 6EB
19-Jul-14 Kings Lodge Main Rd Chichester PO18 8PN
18-Jul-14 St Mary's Church, Fratton Rd Portsmouth
13-Jul-14 Merchiston Hall, Horndean
12-Jul-14 Summer Fair, Christchurch, Widley
12-Jul-14 Craneswater School, St. Ronans Rd, Southsea
12-Jul-14 Proms in the Park, Denmead Community Centre, School Lane
10-Jul-14 Stacey Centre, Walsall Rd, Copnor
6-Jul-14 Paddle round the Pier, Hove Lawns, Hove
5-Jul-14 Strawberry fair, Buckland's Play Park, Malins Rd
4-Jul-14 Horndean Proms Concert, Barton Hall, Horndean
28-Jun-14 Qinetiq, Summer Fete, Common Road, Funtington
24-Jun-14 Stacey Centre - Walsall Rd, Copnor
21-Jun-14 St Cuthbert's Church, Hayling Avenue, Portsmouth
20-Jun-14 Waterlooville Music Festival, St Georges Walk, Waterlooville
15-Jun-14 Cathedral Summer Fair, Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral, High St
14-Jun-14 Daisy Chain, The Kings Theatre, Albert Rd, Southsea
14-Jun-14 4 Portchester Sailing club, Waterside Lane, Castle St, Portchester
13-Jun-14 Greenwich court - 25 King St., Southsea
7-Jun-14 Picnic on the green - St James Hospital
31-May-14 Hillhead Sailing Club, Cliff Road. Hill Head Fareham
28-May-14 Friendship Club - The Salvation Army, Albert Rd, Southsea
26-May-14 May Fayre at Portsmouth Museum Garden - Museum Road
24-May-14 Hog Roast - Hornet Sailing Club, 1 Haslar Rd, Gosport, Hants
18-May-14 Christening Party, Boarhunt Social Club, Trampers Lane, Fareham
17-May-14 4 St Jude's Church - St Jude's Church, Kent Road, Southsea
17-May-14 Ex-Servicemen's Club, Brockhampton Lane, Havant, PO9 1LU
13-May-14 Trefoil Guild AGM, St Andrews Church hall, Havant Rd, Farlington.
6-May-14 Judi's party, Cedar Valley, East Meon
29-Apr-14 55°/42° - Portsmouth
28-Apr-14 Monday Club - Paulsgrove Community Centre, Marsden Road
26-Apr-14 Wickham Beer Festival, Wickham Community Centre, Mill Lane
20-Apr-14 Gosport Folk Festival, Gosport Masonic Hall, Clarence Road
16-Apr-14 Age UK - The Bradbury Centre, 16-18 Kingston Road
12-Apr-14 Portchester Beer Festival, Portchester Community Centre
12-Apr-14 Musicroom , Commercial Road, national learn to play day
9-Apr-14 Nightingale Court, Cosham
5-Apr-14 Victory Court House, Beaconsfield Rd, Waterlooville
26-Mar-14 Alexandra Rose - Havant Rd, Drayton
19-Mar-14 Ports & Southsea Gas Workers Group, Christ Church Hall, Widley
18-Mar-14 Cameo Group - The Salvation Army, Albert Rd
25-Feb-14 Tongues and Groove - Cellars
8-Feb-14 National Library Day - Beddow Library
5-Feb-14 Friendship Club, St Colman's church hall
2-Feb-14 Old House at Home - Public Bar
28-Jan-14 St John's Court - sing song
18-Jan-14 4 Homesea House - Homesea House 
19-Dec-13 Age UK
18-Dec-13 Alexander Care Home
17-Dec-13 Xmas Lunch
15-Dec-13 Spinnaker Tower
14-Dec-13 Private Party
13-Dec-13 Gig at QA
9-Dec-13 Air Service Xmas Lunch
7-Dec-13 Christmas Tree Festival - St Cuthbert's Church
5-Dec-13 Older People`s Christmas Party
1-Dec-13 Southsea Community Choir and Pompey Pluckers
30-Nov-13 Dockyard Club
11-Nov-13 Annual Lunch of CRSF @ St Nicholas Church Hall
9-Nov-13 Ladywood House
23-Oct-13 Portsmouth Blind Assoc
19-Oct-13 Tennis club
17-Oct-13 AGM
12-Oct-13 (update) Wickham Beer Festival
10-Oct-13 Visually Impaired Group
6-Oct-13 Pat's birthday party
28-Sep-13 Trinity festival
27-Sep-13 St Mary's Church
21-Sep-13 Cancer Research UK
8-Sep-13 Sylvia Mundy's 80th Birthday
1-Sep-13 The Rowans Hospice Summer Fete
31-Aug-13 Golden Wedding
27-Aug-13 Alexandra Care Home
25-Aug-13 Arundel Festival
24-Aug-13 Victorious Festival
17-Aug-13 Babs - Party
10-Aug-13 Belmont
8-Aug-13 Bluebell Home - UPDATE - Now full
4-Aug-13 Moneyfields Allotments Summer Show -
3-Aug-13 Hotham Park Country Fair - updated time
31-Jul-13 Lunch club - Set List
27-Jul-13 Ladywood House, Southsea, PO5 4JL.
19-Jul-13 Barton Hall, Horndean Set list
14-Jul-13 Private party - Portchester Parish Hall
13-Jul-13 Summer Festival at Christchurch, Portsdown Hill
11-Jul-13 Fratton Community Centre
6-Jul-13 Strawberry Fayre
30-Jun-13 Elizabeth Foundation
29-Jun-13 Plot 9 QE Park
15-Jun-13 Private function
1-Jun-13 HMS Collingwood - Open Day
31-May-13 St Jude's fair
14-May-13 Hill down Trefoil
11-May-13 Woodland Festival Park Wood Waterlooville
27-Apr-13 The Dockyard Club
8-Apr-13 Oh Pluck it!#2 @ The Cellars
6-Apr-13 Portchester Beer Festival
1-Apr-13 Hotwalls cafe opening
31-Mar-13 A Feast Of Easter Folk Masonic Hall, Gosport
30-Mar-13 Lost Hour Project
27-Mar-13 St James' 55 Church, Milton
15-Mar-13 A Taste of the Hub
14-Mar-13 Alexander Rose Care Home
8-Mar-13 Barton Hall, Rowans Charity gig
6-Mar-13 Portsmouth Blind Assoc
24-Feb-13 Buckland Community Centre
20-Feb-13 Portchester Stroke Club
9-Feb-13 Portsmouth Carers
4-Feb-13 Ukulele Workshop
14-Jan-13 Portsmouth North Civil Service Retirement Fellowship
20-Dec-12 St Vincent's Care Home, 20-21 Clarence Parade
19-Dec-12 Buckland Community Centre Pensioners Lunch Club
18-Dec-12 Eastney Community Centre, Xmas Lunch
15-Dec-12 Homerose House Christmas Party
11-Dec-12 Salvation Army
10-Dec-12 WW2 Veterans
8-Dec-12 St Cuthbert's Christmas Tree Festival,
6-Dec-12 WI Christmas Party, Old Portsmouth
5-Dec-12 Naomi House Christmas Concert
3-Dec-12 Pompey Pluckers Christmas Concert
2-Dec-12 Pompey Pluckers and Southsea Community Choir
28-Nov-12 St James' Church, Milton - 50+ Group
23-Nov-12 PEOPLE Conf
8-Nov-12 Naomi House - Supporters Reception
18-Oct-12 Southsea Tennis Club + Pompey Pluckers
15-Sep-12 Naomi House Fete - Park at Park and Ride on A303
2-Sep-12 Rowans Summer Fete (set list in description)
1-Sep-12 Golden Wedding Party
19-Aug-12 Arundel Festival: Jubilee Gardens
14-Aug-12 Bluebell Care Home St Ronan’s Rd
11-Aug-12 Wedding - Private event
5-Aug-12 It’s A Naval Knockout
21-Jul-12 Belmont Castle Home Annual summer garden party
13-Jul-12 Horndean Technology College
9-Jul-12 OH PLUCK IT! Cabaret at The Eastney Cellars
26-Jun-12 Portsmouth & Hampshire Art Society
24-Jun-12 John Pound's
13-Jun-12 Lyons Club, Solent Enterprise
9-Jun-12 Homerose House
31-Mar-12 Musicroom
25-Mar-12 Fareham Yacht Ckub
23-Mar-12 Naomi House
2-Mar-12 RMA, Medicine Sans Froniere
16-Dec-11 The Loft, Kings Hotel, Albert Road,
10-Dec-11 St Cuthbert's Church  Xmas Tree festival
19-Nov-11 St Cuthbert's Church Fete
30-Oct-11 Square Tower
2-Oct-11 Submarine Museum
3-Sep-11 Old House at Home
27-Aug-11 Pompulele, Trinity Church (26-28 August)
6-Aug-11 Roses Wine Bar, Elm Grove
31-Jul-11 Southsea Library
17-Jul-11 Rowan's Summer Fete, Purbrook Heath
16-Jul-11 Southsea Tennis Club
29-Jun-11 Lyons Club, Solent Enterprise
23-Jun-11 Charles Dickens Centre
19-Jun-11 Southsea Food Festival
18-Jun-11 12th Annual Tattoo Convention, Guildhall
8-May-11 Droxford
29-Apr-11 St Rowan's Avenue
27-Apr-11 55s Alive, St Jame's Church
16-Apr-11 Spray up Pompey, Fratton Park
15-Apr-11 Busking for Cancer
9-Apr-11 Old House at Home
27-Mar-11 Home of Comfort, 17 Victoria Grove
3-Mar-11 Express FM, Arundel Street
19-Feb-11 Homesea House, Green Road
15-Feb-11 Rudmore Court, Simpson Road
16-Dec-10 Pompey Plucker's Xmas Dinner, Bombay Express Balti
15-Dec-10 St Cuthbert's Church
11-Dec-10 Fire & Stone4
27-Nov-10 John Pound's
20-Nov-10 Holmbush Court, Queens Crescent
3-Nov-10 Northern Evening, St Simon's
31-Oct-10 Holy Trinity
16-Oct-10 Carol's Birthday, Irish Club
10-Oct-10 Wukulele, Worthing
8-Sep-10 Southsea Community Centre
29-Jul-10 Aspex Gallery
27-Jun-10 Bandstand
19-Jun-10 St Cuthbert's Church
10-Jun-10 Tennis Club, Southsea Common
5-Jun-10 Janet &  Matt's wedding, Royal Naval Club
1-Jun-10 Trinity Church
18-Apr-10 Greenring, Castle Field
27-Mar-10 Holmbush Court, Queens Crescent
31-Aug-09 The Florence Arms