"Supporting the endeavors of the Pomona High School theatre community, through time, gifts and energies."

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The Catwalk Theatre Guild is an enthusiastic and creative parent booster group and 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that supports the theatre program at Pomona High School. 

The Guild welcomes you and invites you to:
- Connect with your child and enhance his/her theatre experience
- Offer your time and expertise so that teachers can focus more time on students
- Help raise funds to support the program
- Meet other parents and students and have fun!

Membership is open to parents, students and anyone interested in supporting the theatre program.

The Guild meets at 7pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, September through November and January through April. Calendar

What Parents Can Do
The Catwalk Theatre Guild is always open to new members, new ideas and new skills. We take pride in working with the directors and students in creating outstanding high school theatre. Here are some of the things Guild members do:
- Plan cast dinners
- Sew costumes
- Build and paint sets
- Write publicity articles
- Photography
- Sell concessions
- Request donations of food, goods and services
- Fundraise
- Produce the school student directory
- Provide snacks for cast and crew
- Serve as production managers
- Support a theatre scholarship
- Organize Silent Auctions
- Arrange theatre outings
- Create and manage the Catwalk Theatre website

While fundraising is a major goal of the Guild, we feel the less time spent on fundraising, the better! The Guild has efficient and effective strategies for meeting financial needs without focusing all our time on fundraising. Separate funds are set up for the general Guild account, student accounts and the scholarship fund. Fundraising Information

The Guild is guided by a Board of Directors consisting of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Hospitality chairs. Board of Directors
Catwalk Theatre Guild Agenda and Minutes

Catwalk Theatre Guild Handbook

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