The New Catwalk Theatre opened in the fall of 1995

The Catwalk Theatre Company was named and established in 1983 

One Act "The Bible in 30 Minutes... Or Less"
Colorado Thespians Chapter Select 2017

2017 Colorado Thespian Festival Critic's Choice
Katelyn Derlein, Stage Management

February 2017 Outstanding Educator of the Month
Jesse Collett
Think 360 Arts

2016 Colorado Thespian Festival Critic's Choice
Katelyn Derlein, Stage Management

2015 Think 360 Arts School of the Year Award
Think 360 Arts 

2015 Administrator of the Year Awards
Think 360 Arts

2014 Bobby G Award Winner
Outstanding Achievement in Stage Management
Destiny Humrich, “Damn Yankees”

2014 Bobby G Award Nomination
Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Kira Vuolo, “Damn Yankees,” Lola

2012 Colorado Thespian Festival Critic’s Choice
Kira Vuolo, Solo Acting

Educational Theatre Association
2012-2013 Outstanding School Award

One Act "The Wrestling Season"
Colorado Thespians Chapter Select

Think 360
2008 School of Creative Excellence

9 Who Cares Award
2006 Gavin Mayer

Educational Theatre Association
2002 Outstanding School Award

Colorado Thespians 
2002 Outstanding Administrator
Mrs. Dee Kehl

Colorado Thespians 
2002 Theatre Educator Hall of Fame
Mr. Bill Peery

Jefferson County Schools 
2001 Commitment to Diversity Award

Colorado Thespian Main-Stage Selections

The Servant of Two Masters   
Directed By: Beau Augustin 
The Laramie Project  
Directed by: Gavin Mayer 
The Foreigner
Directed by: Gavin Mayer

World High School Premieres
Directed By: Beau Augustin
The Laramie Project  
Directed by: Gavin Mayer 

Colorado Thespian Scholarship Winners
Alex Rodriguez 
Danielle Hanson 
Stacy Martin & Robby DeRoeck  
Airica Parker

Colorado Thespian Scholarship Runners-Up
Cheney McConnell 
Justin Stapp  

 Jesse Collett     2015-Present
 Taylor Hulett 2017-Present
 Richard Clark 2015- 2017
 Beau Augustin  2008-2015
 Drew Keat  2012-2013
 Andre' Rodriguez 2009-2012 
 Thomas Campbell2007-2008
 Gavin Mayer  1998-2006, 2007-2009  
 Lisa Urban    2006-2007  
 Bennie Palko 2006-2007
 Kristina Chadwick 2005-2006
 Josh Belk  2004-2005
 Carla Stafford  2000-2004
 Tami Lauxsman  1999-2000
 Bill Peery 1983-1998
 Lauren Wilhoit-Willis- 1983