Urinetown The Musical
Thank you to everyone who came out for auditions! Continue to take theatre and choir classes and auditioning for future productions. Congrats to all that were cast. Congrats to the crew. We are excited to work with you. The first company meeting will be December 5th @3pm. Please bring $75 for production fees. Checks should be written out to Catwalk Theatre Guild.

Text 81010 @CTCMusical to sign up  for remind as soon as possible and thank you for your commitment to the show

Directors and Designers
Jesse Collett
David Miller

Orchestra Director 
Tim Dailey
Ensemble Music Director / Vocal Coach
Jerimiah Owens
Costume Designer 
Whitney Avalos
Technical Director
Richard Clark
Student Assistant Director
Citlalli Beltran
Poster  and Program Designer
Kendra Peterson
Choreography Assistant
Obi Roberts 

Urinetown The Musical Cast

Officer Lockstock

Connor Greenlees

Little Sally

Julia Vuolo

Bobby Strong

Jeremiah Garcia

Caldwell B. Cladwell

Jacob Vigil

Hope Cladwell

Abbie Traynor

Penelope Pennywise

Kerry McCawley

Officer Barrel

Ben Saprano

Mr. McQueen

Mikey Martinez

Senator Fipp

Kane Courtney

Mrs. Millenium

Leah Tenney

Dr. Billeaux

Eli Carver

The Poor

Old Man Strong

Ayden Munholland

Josephine Strong

Aleah Bloom

Hot Blades Harry

Gunner Hagar

Soupy Sue

Emily McKinney

Tiny Tom

James Park

Little Becky Two Shoes

Mandy Billups

Bobby the Stockfish

Adam Peterson

Billy Boy Bill

Nick Biddle

The Rebels/Even Poorer

Anna Johnston

Soriah Buckner

Lily Valdez

Zosia Badiere*

Jocy Burke

Emillee Beltran

The UGC Staff

Ian Cuypers

Noah Block

Chloe Kramer

Kayley Hill

*Denotes Dance Captain

Urinetown The Musical Crew

Assistant Technical Director

Savannah Cyr

Stage Manager

Katelyn Derlein

Assistant Stage Manager (Practical)

Kat Jolley

Assistant Stage Manager (Electrical)

Samantha Frickell

Lighting Design

Raquel Hurietta

Assistant Lighting Design/Light Board Operator

Megan O'Toole

Spot Operator

Maia Holmes

Sound Design

Sofija Heintzelman

Sound Board Operator

Zoee Stephens

Kylee Monaco

Props Master

Anica Vrtikapa

Props Crew

Kyra Rossi

Wardrobe Master

Dexter Shubert

Costume Designer

FACS-Advanced Fashion

Dexter Shubert

Costume Crew

Casey Lorenz

Bronte Gallegos

Tea Bonnet

Stage Crew

Brayden Murphy

Jon Struwe

Anica Vrtikapa

Aidan Clark

House Manager

Vanessa Vialpando

Assistant House Manager/Usher

Cat Osbourne

Publicity Manager

Maycie Wynn

Carpentry Crew

Stagecraft Classes


Urinetown Audition Material