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a little bit about ebb and flo (under construction but then you guessed that anyway!)

 ebb and flo is the work of a stay-at-home mum who crafts to stay sane in, around and in spite of her family life

 I've been making and selling jewelry for a few years now. My designs evolved out of a need to create some tough pieces to cope with life as the mum of an active toddler, and they've evolved from there.

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 ... a brief interview with the artist!

Q: ... and so, what inspired you to start making and selling jewelry?

A: The sheer and utter desperation from having three necklaces and bracelets broken by grabbing little fingers. I realised that if I wanted to wear any of my jewelry it would have to be childproof. So I took a class and learned how to wire and string .... and one bead led to another .... and very soon I had a habit to support.

Q: And that's how pomo mama design was born. But why ebb and flo as the name for your shop?

A: Simple! The ideas, time and resources ebb and flow according to the napping whims of my son.

Q: And "treats for mama"?

A: Every mum deserves something nice for herself and (shameless plug) I hope you'll find it here at ebb and flo.

Q: A last word on earrings perhaps.

A: Earrings and toddlers don't mix - still haven't found a way of child proofing those items beyond wearing a helmet, scrum cap or ear muffs, but I think that rather spoils the whole effect.


Coming Soon: ebb and flo ear tape! 

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