flotsam aka. metal and fibre

metal and fibre, fibre and metal .......


  "into the garden" flotsam brooch
flowers peek from a lush lawn of freshly mown grass

 "spore" flotsam brooch
almost good enough to eat, spore bodies wave from a landscape of decay

amber cluster brooch
brass wire crochet star with red and butter yellow amber chips, set on a bed of dyed raw silk casings 


 flower cluster brooch
stunning fused glass cabachon set in a wire crochet flower with pearls and ribbon


It just seemed so natural to combine the metal with the fibre, or the fibre with the metal .........


"my childhood garden" flotsam ACEO
felted wool and synthetic fibre embroidery, copper wire crochet


............... so I did!

All my life I've stitched - crochet, knitting, embroidery, dress making. Now the stitching continues but with metal/wire AND fibre. I'm interested in exploring the ways in which these two mediums can be combined to form wearable art. Due to the haphazard nature of the creation process, no two pieces can be identical - I don't work to a pattern.

Flotsam Brooches were originally based on industrial offcuts of stainless steel mesh, and used up the spares, offcuts, surplus and experiments from ebb and flo crafting. They combine traditional embroidery with felting, metalwork, wire and embellishment/'applique'. Newer brooches continue the upcycling theme with the incorporation of found objects into the design.

Cluster Brooches are based around wire crochet, usually to form a bezel setting for glass but also to serve as a nest for gemstone chips or other fascinating pretties. Fibre involvement is either synthetic ribbon or eyelash yarn, or hand-dyed silk casings sewn around the perimeter of the brooch.

 NB: Brooches can also be worn as pendants, either thru the brooch pin back or (if you ask very nicely) modification before they leave my hands.

Flotsam Wire Crochet (as seen here) combines feltable fibre with a crocheted skeleton and other elements, eg. beads, glass. In some pieces the wire crochet 'grows' from a piece of handmade felt (from http://tanisalexis.etsy.com) resulting in a fabric/wire mesh hybrid. This form of flotsam has been used to produce highly unique cuffs and even necklaces or collars.