art clay silver jewelry .... fine silver metalwork from clay!

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 daisy drop ACS earrings on sterling silver handforged earwires, available here

About art clay silver:
Art clay silver (ACS) is a workable clay medium which, when moulded and dried into the final shape, can be fired to complete. During firing, the organic binders in the clay burn off, leaving behind 99.9% fine silver. Once cooled pieces are burnished or hand polished before tumbling in stainless steel shot to bring up a shine.

My husband is nervous about me using a flame in my work - but I think a little excitement in your life is a good thing!

ebb 'heart on your sleeve' cufflinks
ACS fine silver etched squares on sterling silver cufflink settings


introducing a new line in jewelry from pomo mama design    

"ebb" fine silver jewelry created with art clay silver


hollowform fine silver blossoms hang beneath white freshwater pearls

sterling silver earwires

available here





dive deep into this dreamy fused glass cab

handfused glass cab set into fine silver bezel on ACS mount




etched ACS pendant

price: $55 USD




stamped fine silver teardrop

pendant complete with black ultrasuede cord

price: $50 USD  sold


leaf series

real leaves, painted with ACS paste then fired

simple charm cluster of amber, glass, freshwater pearls and leopardskin jasper on a sterling silver chain with a single fine silver leaf

price: $50 USD  sold