Annie's Story

A Small Branch of The Pomery Tree

New DNA results ( 2011-12) are beginning to indicate that the Lewannick Family Group are connected
to the Stoke Gabrial ( Armorial) family of John Pomeroy and Mary Narracott - which is interesting and exciting!

DNA also tells us that this same group is linked to Front Royal see Chucks Story

 My great, great, great grandfather was Richard Pomery, born 7 Jan 1781 , son of John Pomery and Elizabeth Evens, his second wife whom he married 22 Jan 1769 in Lewannick Cornwall. His father may have been a yeoman farmer or an agricultural labourer, from Lewannick,  we have as yet to establish this, but since he and Richard could read and write it suggests the former.
 Richard was born and grew up with seven siblings in rural Werrington, an agricultural parish surrounding Werrington House, a neat mansion with a well-wooded park. The owner of which  at that time was  Dukes of Bedford the Morice family, who were lords of the manor, although the Barton estate belonged to the Duke of Northumberland. The village of Werrington is, even in 2011,  a tiny cluster of houses, with a school,  on a crossroad.
Richard went off  to London  as a young man where, in Rotherhithe on the southern side of Thames, on 20th September 1807 he married Issot Webber daughter of John and Mary Webber of West Teignmouth in Devon. He took employment with  East India Dock Company in 1809 but what he did and where he was in London  between those dates we have not discovered.

 From On Line Parish Clerk Werrington.Original records are held at the CRO, Truro, Cornwall
29 Nov 1774          Elizabeth Pomery buried
1 Oct 1775               William son of John & Elizabeth Pomery baptism
6 Sept 1778            John son of John & Elizabeth Pomery baptism
20 Feb 1780           William son of George & Elizabeth Pomery baptism
7 Jan 1781              * Richard son of John & Elizabeth Pomery    This is our  Great x 4 grandfather  
22 Feb 1784           Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Pomery baptised

Banns in Werrington
1st, 8th 15th April 178       Richard Pomery & Jane Wareth  -
how this couple attach to my family,  if they do, I haven't established. They were probably related since John and his father witnessed the marriage on 17 April 1781. The marriage in Werrington Devon, of Richard Pomeroy of the parish of St Teath to  Jane Wareth  or Wroth was performed  by Simon Webber,
Witness:   John Pomeroy [signed] & John Pomeroy [his mark]

For many years, there was a brickwall about where Richard Pomery was born .
We  had a variety of information about him, where he worked  but we  did not know where he originated.
Then in 2002 we found an entry for him in the
CENSUS 1851 -

7 Mitre Square, Dukes Place, St. James, City of London 

Richard Pomeroy Lodger Widowed 70 Clerk E & W India Docks born DEVON Warrington
which should read Werrington Devon
.  Once we knew where to look we found an entire family.

 Why and when exactly he went to London, it may have been after his grandfather John Pomeroy died in 1803 .How he got there, where he kived and what  his occupation was  we have not yet established. He three brothers the eldst,  Roger, remained in Cornwall but William born 1775 &  John born 1778 are  unaccounted for.

Richard had married Issot Webber in 1807, before he got work with EIDC, ,but how he met her and how they both came to be in Rotherhithe when they married is unknown.we also do not know where they lived or what he did for an occupation  for the years between 1807- 1809. Their only child Augustus Stephen Jeffery Pomeroy was born on 1818.

In  Aug 4th 1809 Richard had been taken on as an extra check clerk at the East Indai Docks Company and paid £1.11.6.
By 1815 he had been promoted to a permanent check clerk.  By June 12 1827 he had been promoted to a 3rd clerk 3rd division in the General Office and on 8 August 1828 was a 2nd clerk 2nd division in the General Office. He was obviously doing well at this point because in 1829 he became a ships ledger clerk with a wage of £140 p.a.  In 1842 his salary was increased to £165 and rose by £5 a year for the next couple of years.

Recent documents have come to light  showing a William Pomeroy who was a director of that illustrious company. Was he a sponsor and if so what was his connection to this family?It is a matter of record that he worked as an extra check clerk (recording /checking goods entries)  in the new East India Docks. Company.

 He was pensioned off on 21st October 1853 when he was still a ships ledger clerk and earning £175 p.a.  After being pensioned off he was paid a pension of £60 p.a.

In 1838 his only child Augustus Stephen Jeffrey Pomery married Sarah Georgiana Moore dau. of George Moore and Sarah Hornblow from Colchester Essex .  I have extensively researched Sarah Hornblow,  and discovered she married again, bigamously, in 1816  and in 1820 went to South Africa as one of the 1820 Settlers.

I have recently published a novel based on her life called There Lies Your Country

the website about Sarah is here

Her younger children little Sarah Georgiana and her brother John Moore were left behind probably with her father but this is not certain.

1841 census    46 Green Street  Stepney

Richard Pomeroy age 55 clerk

Issot Pomery wife age 50

Augustus Pomery  age 20 son clerk

Sarah Georgina Pomery ( nee Moore) Law age 20

Georgiana Augusta Pomery age 1,  grand daughter

Mary Livermoor age 15 servant

Richard was pensioned off on 21st October 1853 when he was still a ships ledger clerk and earning £175 p.a.  After being pensioned off he was paid a pension of £60 p.a.
He went to live with his son Augustus after he was retired in 1853. Augustus was  Principle of General Office, Receiver of Charges and duty Superintendent of the Albert Dock Offices, and lived at Dock House Liverpool  and where  Richard died in 1859

Richard Pomey Electoral registers:
1834 Holme’s Street Mile End, Old Town. (Only Pomeroy listed.)
Richard On Green Street, Mile End, Old Town:  1841
1842 Mile End Old Town: on Green Street
1845 Clarence Place

His wife Issot died of Typhus in Stepney in 1850 age 64. For a while Richard continued to live in London - His son had moved to Liverpool with his family to work in 1846 and Richard went to live with them in Liverpool where he died 21 July 1859

1851 census - the entry that broke the brick wall to finding Richard in Devon. 

His son Augustus Stephen Jeffrey Pomeroy started out in Stepney working for the East India Dock Company, as was the custom, son followed the father into the great East and West India Companies. Augustus was on at East India Dock Company in 1832 at a wage of £1 11s 6d .

In May 1839 his  job was made into a permanent position (they obviously had to prove themselves in those days - or maybe it was waiting for dead man's shoes so that everyone could move up the ladder).

 He resigned on 24 July 1846 to take up the job with Mersey Docks and Harbour Board at the Albert Dock in Liverpool when he was earning £100 p.a.
In 1858 Augustus was promoted to Principle of General Office and his salary raised to Ð250 per annum and in  1863 A S J Pomeroy was still in his position as Principle of General Office.
But was in addition Receiver of Charges and duty Superintendent of the Albert Dock Offices. At this stage his wage was £ 275 per annum, plus house and coals.
A S J Pomeroy was 63, when he was superannuated (retired) in 1880. At this stage he received £ 300 p/a, the house and coals.  He had worked for the Mersey Docks & Harbour Board for 34 Years.

1871 Census return Dock House  Liverpool
Augustus S J    Pomeroy     Head   53     1818     -     Middlesex, 
Sarah G  Pomeroy     Wife    56     1815     Braintree Essex,       
 Augustus F B   Pomeroy     Son     29     1842    London, Middlesex   Harrison A     Pomeroy     Son     21     1850     Lancashire, Englan
Walter W         Pomeroy     Son     16     1855     -     Lancashire,      
Martha M      Wire     Visitor        21     1850     -     Essex, England   
 Mary B              Giles     Visitor       17     1854     -     Hampshire
Margaret          Moran     Servant    32     1839     -     Ireland

The family later lived out of the city on the Wirral then a very salubrious area in a house called Fountains Lodge which was demolished sometime in the 1960’s, all that remains is a gatepost with the name engraved.

Augustus and Sarah Pomeroy ( he changed the spelling at some point) produced 8 children and I have traced most the descendants of that family. Three of their children died in infancy-  the living children were

Georgiana Augusta Pomeroy the eldest child and only daughter of Augustus senior and Sarah Moore .
She married Dr George Shearer in 1868 and they went to China where their first three of seven children were born,including my grandfather James Augustus Shearer born 1870. They returned to Liverpool in 1875 where he had a medical practice in Upper Parliament Street and lectured on botany. He was a friend of Robert Dick and corresponded with Charles Darwin.

Augustus Fredericks Brett Pomeroy, married Elizabeth Jackson, had two sons, Edgar and Campbell and died young of TB in 1871. His sons, and their mother, lived with her father in law at Fountains House for several years and after he died. They migrated to USA in 1888 where Edgar made a name for himself. -  I found and contacted one of their descendants  in California. 

James Richard Webber Pomeroy, my Cousin Pat Smith is descended from this sibling, who possibly worked for the East India Company, was married in Calcutta.

They had four children before  he too died young, of typhoid and pneumonia, at the home of his brother Rev Walter Willie Pomeroy in Islington in 1880.

His eldest son James died at Albert Dock House from acute bronchitis with diarrhoea at the age of one on 9th Feb 1875. 

His son Harrison Hornblow Pomeroy was a black sheep He stole money from the shipping line he worked for and after going to prison for several years migrated to Australia where his wife disowned him and his four children grew up without him. His son, Anthony, who died in 2010 refused to talk about his father.

Harrison Albert Pomeroy became a clergy man married and had one child Mary Elsie who died a reclusive eccentric in a house filled with newspapers in the 1967.

Walter William Pomeroy also became a clergyman, a canon , married  to Martha Wire  from Colchester, the family appearing to have retained connections with friends of their mother Sarah Georgian Pomeroy nee Moore. Walter and Martha had no children.


The other side of Annie's tree are the SHEARER from Thurso in CAITHNESS  ,

 In Scotland, in Thurso in Caithness which is about as far north as one can go without falling off, lived William Shearer and his wife
Janet Milne. These are my 4 x great grandparents. William was I believe son of Donald Shearer and Margaret Brotchie, (yet to prove this)

William Shearer was Overseer to Capt Sinclair of Holborn Head, Laird of Forss.
( I have been told that Shearer are a Sept of the Clan Sinclair.) His wife was Janet Milne ,
one of 8 children of Alexander Milne and Jean Kynoch of Fyfee in Aberdeen, with a lineage going back 4 generations beyond that
to the 1670's. Recorded in his marriage lines as Tenant of Forse.

They were married on 27th November 1795 in Reay. Their children included James, Janet, Donald, George, William and Margaret.