A Family Effort

In 2003 we  finally broke through the brick wall

when the 1851 census

found Richard Pomery, 7 Mitre Square, Dukes Place, St. James, City of London,
Lodger, Widowed, age 70, retired clerk East & West India Dock

So after many years we have one brick out and can peep through the gap!

 It was an exciting moment !

Pat Smith nee Moore & Annie, who has taken the Pomeroy name,  are 3rd Cousins, and with Richard Anthony Pomeroy, called Tony, in Australia  and have Augustus Stephen Jeffery Pomeroy (son of Richard  and Issot Pomery) as their four times great - grandfather; 

Over the water in Virginia Charles Wilson Pomeroy,(Chuck) who died in 2008 , is also related, by DNA but quite how that connection is made we have yet to discover. His family tree goes to Cork  in Ireland so some or one of our ancestors from Devon and Cornwall must have gone there before about 1740.

 Richard Anthony (Tony) Pomeroy in Australia had been hunting for our four times great - grandfather Richard Pomery's origins for a very long time. In 2003  Pat posted a message on the POMEROLOGY guest book and within days there was a message to say that he was in the 1851 census.  It really was an exciting breakthough.

 Tony had also been seeking the connection that brought the Hornblow name into the family. Annie found that connection and it led to an amazing woman Sarah Hornblow her three times great grandmother.

In June 2 2003. Annie went to the Devon Records Office and found Richard in the Bishops Transcripts and in the South West Studies Library she found more of the family in Werrington transcription. Pat contacted the OLPC and by 3 June we had a message from the OLPC in Australia,  and then we had a whole lot more.

Note ( The OLPC for Werrington  also descends from a Pomeroy family, in Farway East Devon).

There is no village of Werrington in the parish & manor of Werrington. There is a tiny crossroad village called Lady Cross and there is Yeolmbridge near a mile or so away from Werrington Park where there is just the church a lodge at the entrance and the big house.

I  wondered if  a village had once have existed somewhere on the estate but when I visited we could find no sign of it, despite much going round the lanes.  It is possible that if there a village it was removed because it spoiled the view, something that did happen in the 18th century. 
However the  Werrington Park and the house have been there a considerable time so maybe not.

The earliest IGI entry for Pomeroys in Werrington in an Elizabeth Pomery born about 1632 who married William Martin 1652 and died in North Tamerton between 1672 and 1686. It would appear that Pomeroy's had lived in the parish of Werrington over a considerable time.

From the Parish registers of Werrington we discovered :-
Richard Pomery was born on 7th Jan 1781 to John and Elizabeth Pomery nee Evens in Werrington in Devon, now in Cornwall.  He had older brothers,
William born 1st Oct 1775 John born 6th Sept 1778 and a younger sister
Elizabeth born on 22 Feb 1784.

The family may have consisted of 9 children- 5 from John Pomeroy’s  previous marriage to Elizabeth Williams which produced Roger ,1762, Mary b 1763, Elizabeth b 1765, Ann b 1768.
 A death and burial of Elizabeth Pomery, buried 29th Nov 1774  which could be the older sister , born 1765. Also in IGI there is a John born to a John and Elizabeth Pomery in nearby  St Stephen by Launceston ; Chr 25 Nov 1770. If he was of the same family he must have died as a baby.

The 18th century was a hard time for country people, which is maybe why Richard left Devon and went to London 
Richard was married in Rotherhithe in 1807 to Issot Webber from West Teignmouth . She was born in 1788, daughter of John and Mary Webber.   

The family seems to originate in Talland in Cornwall two or three generations before that. On his marriage lines there is a witness Elizabeth Giles,  Tony in Australia has long felt she might be his sister, Annie however feels that she may well have been a Webber. Teignmouth was still two parishes in that time West Teignmouth being the larger. It was an active port at that time, exporting wool cloth called serge, leather goods, saddles, bridles harnesses and horse equipage as well as also ball clay.
Richard may well have gone to West Teignmouth to work. I like to think he went there and stayed with the Pomeroy family in West Teignmouth and met Issot there. How else might they have met? I have yet to discover how they got to London but as trading ships went regularly to London, I would presume by ship.

In the Census of 1851 Richard Pomery, 7 Mitre Square, Dukes Place, St. James, City of London,  and  stated that he was born in Warrington Devon , which finally turned out to be the parish of Werrington near Launceston. In our process of discovery we have checked the transcript parish registers for Werrington.  It is a small parish and there are relatively few entries.  The parish clerk has extracted all  the Pomery's for us. We have his marriage and  his death certificate and the census return where we finally found him.    
His date of christening 7 Jan 1781, ,concurs with the age he gives on the census. He died in 1859 at his son’s home Albert Dock House in Liverpool We have been unable to find a Will for him in the will indexes at the Family Record Centre so were very interested in the list of will abstracts that Virginia Graham has transcribed. This proved not to have a will recorded for Richard. However his son Augustus Stephen  and his grandsons are included.

We have quite a lot of peripheral information about Richard. We know where he lived and worked in London and Pat  has been tracing that with the various sources in London. We know when and where he died in Liverpool . The census return for 1851 fitted him so well that we are satisfied that it is him  and it led us to Werrington.

Richard and Issot had one son that we have managed to confirm. Living initially in Stepney where he worked as a clerk in the East India Docks their only child a son, my Great x 3 Grandfather Augustus Stephen Jeffery Pomery was born 2 August 1817, some 10 years after Richard and Issott were married.
Augustus was married  to Sarah Georgiana Moore in 1838.  She was daughter of a remarkable woman Sarah Hornblow who married 4 times and had 11 children. First married to george moore in 1810 she had 3 children Mary Catherine in 1811, Sarah Georgiana in 18134 and also John Cotton Moore, before she married again, in 1816, bigamously. With her new ‘husband’ she went to South Africa taking only Mary Catherine and leaving Sarah and John behind presumably with their father George Moore.

Augustus and Sarah had eight children and he too started out in the Docks in London , later moving to Liverpool where he changed the spelling of family name from Pomery to Pomeroy  and took up a clerical post with Royal Albert Docks Authority. 
He went on to become Superintendent of the Offices and Receiver of Charges for the famous 
Albert Dock of Liverpool, living in Dock House until he retired  to Liscard ,Cheshire.

In the census of 1881 we find him living in Fountains Lodge Liscard with his widowed daughter- in- law Elizabeth Pomeroy nee Jackson and his two grandsons Edgar and Campbell.  These two young men migrated to USA with their mother in 1889 and settled in the Oakland area of San Francisco..
Annie later found  both of them and their wives in Californian census and directories  from 1900 onward .

1900 census has Elizabeth Pomeroy and her two sons and Edgar’s wife Mattie or Martha, living at 1361  Forth Ave, Oakland City  Alameda. Elizabeth  b Oct 1850 age 59, Edgar b June 1869 , Campbell  b Sept 1871, Martha b June 1874 ( Mattie) wife of Edgar  born in California

Edgar married Mattie French in Alameda in California in 1897 and had at least one son, Gordon, born 1906. He became a San Francisco furniture designer. there was anothe child Campbell born 1906 but he seems to have died  in infancy. Mattie died in 1916 and Edgar later married again. Between 1920 and 1930 he married a woman called Lottie) could this be Charlotte) who was 25 years his junior.

In 2005 we made contact with  Edgar's  grandson Robert Gordon Pomeroy in Freeport CA

Campbell married Lena Moffat Hanger but we are unsure when although  fairly sure it was in California  and they had two children Edgar Gordon and  Virginia.  I wonder who Gordon was that the name features in both their childrens names.   Virginia married Percy McQuire before 1927 and had children   Kathleen born 1927 and  a son James Pomeroy McGuire died 1959 Guanajuato Mexico.

It is possible James died in the 1959 Mexican Hurricane , a devastating tropical cyclone that was one of the worst Pacific hurricanes  which impacted the Pacific coast of Mexico in October 1959. It killed at least 1,000 people, and perhaps double that, a record that still stands, and caused at least 280 million dollars in damage.

 Speculation ~
Richard Pomeroy and Isott Webber were married in Rotherhithe, (London) on 20th Sept 1807.
The marriage was witnessed by Thomas Webber and Elizabeth Giles (the Giles name appears later in the family as a guest in the house in the 1881 census)  I did find and Elizabeth Webber who married a Joseph Giles in
We believe that Thomas was Issot’s uncle, brother of her father John Webber,
Why they were in Rotherhithe is a mystery. It is a port however and this theme runs throughout this family history. Teignmouth was the port through which almost all the granite taken from Dartmoor to build the bridges and docks of London  was carried  between 1821 for about 30 years..

We  believe that his wife, Isset or Issot Webber, is the one found in IGI from West Teignmouth (another port) born in 1788 to John Webber and Mary. John's parents may have been William Webber and Dorothy Skinner who were married in Stoke Damerel in 1761. They had at least 3 sons Thomas, William and John, born between 1762 to 1766 and both parents appear to have been born in Morval Talland Looe area of Cornwall where there is a cluster of Pomery’s

The Pomerys of our family who appeared in Lewennick in 1720's may have come from the Bodmin area, Linkinhorn or North Hill, this has yet to be shown one way or another.