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Link to Dangers of Internet Genealogy

A transcriber is a transcriber no matter what device they use to record their text. Using a pen or a typewriter or a keyboard, we can all get tired, bored  silly, or just have a bad day. 

All good transcription projects will build into them the means to check and cross-check data entries, no matter what the original method of transcription.
However, a well-constructed computer-based data entry program has a number of advantages that can be built into it, that manual methods cannot match. 

reasons to record your sources from the Legal Genealogist  

six reasons to cite sources when we’re doing our genealogy:

1. So you don’t struggle to find your proof again.
2. So others can find your proof.
3. To give your research reliability and credibility.
4. To avoid accusations of plagiarism.
5. To help you determine how to solve conflicting information.
6. And finally, to give credit where credit is due.