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Collaton & St Columb Major


This family was my first genealogical research project
 and as a result it has become  something of a Special Project

 with some 14 years of research going into it- 
                 JOHN POMEROY  Of Collaton  in Parish of  Newton Ferrers in Devon
             He married  a daughter of the Strowde family of Parnham a rich and powerful Dorset family

He may have been the son of Sir Henry Pomeroy &  Alice Raleigh

 I believe he was brother to  Sir St Clere Pomeroy, knight, who died before his father, having participated in the Battle Of Tewkesbury and dying 
on 31st  May 1471, about a month after the battle ( This was Wars of the Roses ) he was married in 1461 to Catherine Courtenay of Powderham

Other siblings were Sir Richard Pomeroy  born circa 1444 who married Elizabeth Densil, widow Fortescue and took the title in 1481 and carried on the family line

Thomas Pomeroy
 born circa 1443 who married  Agnes Kelloway. see Connections for ongoing research

His sisters were Elizabeth Pomeroy born circa 1448 who married Humphrey Courtenay and
Anna born 1449 who married George Maleverer and also
Agnes Pomeroy born circa 1447  named in her brother's will of 1496

In 1424 - a deed was made to transfer property at Newton Ferrers, Devon to John Pomeroy.

308/177/2  1424  Plymouth & West Devon R O an agreement in 1424 to transfer of one messuage at Newton Ferrers, Devon from Richard Andrew to John Pomeroy
40 years later John inherited the manor of Collaton 
on the death  Margaret Beville,
widow of Sir Edward Pomeroy, 
when she died  10 Sep 1461 -

A wife could dispose of her personal effects  by deed of gift or by testament but everything lese the lands and property belonged to the husband.

  A wife could not make a Will without his consent. but a widow could.  Collaton was part of the dowry of Margaret Beville and  she must have been  retained possession of it and its income. She  appears to have bequeathed it to John,  by deed of gift,in 1424  to take effect on her death
and on 10th September 1461 John  took possession.

John and his unnamed Strode wife had one child according to Visitations

 Andrew DOB still unknown 

    Married Anne Matthews daughter of Sir George Matthews of Rhdyr -

   She was  one of the 7 children by his first wife Margred Herbert of Colebrook Forest of Dean.  Anne was one of his 29 children, 13 daughters, from 6 marriages in Rhdyr, Glamorgan Wales.
The Matthews family had lands in St Kew   ( The Herbert family were famous medieval knights the Herbert  of Raglan Castle)           
There may well have been other children since we have this record  with  
Connections in High Places

Conundrum - we found an unrecorded son  James /latinised  to Jacob - 
Devon Record Office  3799M-0/F/1  1495  Contents: Grant to Richard Pomeray by Margaret, Countess of Richmond (  mother of King Henry VII  ) of the wardship and marriage of James Pomeray son of Andrew Pomeray deceased -

also found  some 19 years later -   John Pomeroy brother and heir to Jacob/James Pomeroy. `mentioned in Younge of Puslinch papers a2a circa 1514. 

These two records confirm  the existence of a James  but not his place in the family tree - 


 Issue of record  of Andrew and Anne - 3 sons 3 daughters - 

 William Pomeroy (1) the heir,  Married  after 1580  to Mary Bevill  of Killigarth born 1552 dau of John Bevill of Killigarth


John Pomeroy 2nd son  b ?  Married Mary Slanning of Plympton daughter of  Barons of Maristow

Edward Pomeroy 3rd son b ?  Married Julia Forster  

Issue  Matthew b?  Died  & buried 31 May 1634 St Columb Major Cornwall 

Wilmot Pomeroy B? Married Lewis Inkleton. Gent Of Braunton  Married Before 1570  issue 10 children. He died in 1614

  Issue Son & heir Lewis Incledon gent. married Elizabeth Cullimore        

Mary Pomeroy B  Married William Leigh. Of Leigh  Week St Mary

Issue William married Elizabeth Searle dau of Wymond Searle of Anthony in Cornwall

Issue  Richard Leigh B about 1569 married in St Columb Major 9 NOV 1601 to Eleanor Bonython B about 1565 ,daughter of John Bonython and her sister

Elizabeth Bonython married Henry Pomeroy of Tregony on 15 April 1600 in St Columb Major

Thomasina  Pomeroy  b Married William Pitford               

 Collaton Farm - the original medieval manor house was rebuilt in the 18th Century all that remains is the lovely tudor doorway at the head of the page.

Issue of William Pomeroy & Mary Bevill

 John Pomeroy 2nd son B after 1580 St Cleer in Cornwall Born Died 1618  Will proved PCC  12 March 1619. died in Ireland

 Jane Pomeroy Born? 1558 Buried 26 June 1652 Named in Will of  her brother John 1619

Married St Kew in St Columb 12 July 1571 to William Cavill  of St Kew 
he was  B 25 Nov 1569 Buried  19 Dec 1647 St Kew

        issue co- heir MARY Cavill b 1584 became 2nd wife of  John Vivian and had 13  children

        Co- heir with Joane Cavill who  married John Hore & Francis Cavill  Buried  20 Nov 1607 St Kew

 Andrew Pomeroy (2) son & heir B  Circa 1582 Married to  Jane Hext born circa  1583  married
 on 30 Sept 1601 at St Kew, she seems to have been about 15 when they married, as was the custom

Jane was daughter of Digory Hext Merchant of Launceston DIGORY HEXT, gent  heir and one of three sons of Thomas  gent , Mayor of Launceston 5 times
married Anne Stone b circa  1565 - 6th  daughter of John Stone MP &  Jane Callard of Trevigo-Maried circa 1580 they had at least two children, Thomas and Jane before Anne died. Their son Thomas  died  in 1586 and  Jane became her father's sole heir. 

  In the burial   register of St Thomas' church, Launceston there is an  entry  
"1586, Feb 22nd, Thomas Hecks, the son of Digorie Hecks" 
 In  1599-1600 Digory Hext was Mayor of Launceston, like his father before him.  He made  2nd marriage to Julia Wadham-of  St Stephens by Saltash September 13th, 1596 - In 1599 Digory leased a house and land in Fowey. 

Jane wife of Andrew Pomeroy died July 1610 . She was about 15 when she married and died 10 years later having produced 6 children.  

Andrew signed  the Parish Records of Newton Ferrers as a churchwarden as a true record in 1614 Andrew was living in St Columb Major in 1620 with daughter Anne Leigh He died age 57 Buried  22 Nov 1639 buried St Columb Major.


Issue of Andrew and Jane

Elizabeth born and died 1602

 John 1, born & buried 1604 Newton Ferrers  

 William Pomeroy esq (2) Bapt Newton Ferrers 22 Oct 1606 aged 14 in 1620 son and heir 1617 - mentioned in Younge of Puslinch papers as son and heir of Andrew- He may have died St Ervan  in 1622 - the memorial there  is  that of a young man by that name,
 if so he died age 16

 why was he in St Ervan? see footnotes


 Anne Pomeroy Bapt 1605 - burial 7 Mar 1682 

Married Peter Jenkyn m 27 Oct 1628 St Columb Major died 25th June 1659 St Columb Major

PETER JENKYN  -  Born 1604   Christened:  29 Jun 1604  St Columb Major,   Buried:      19 Sep 1663  St C M

issue 1 son 5 daughters

JAMES JENKYN born 1659   married Jane Fortesque dau of John F of Filleigh

5 dau Co-heirs

Anne married Sir John St Aubyn bart.

Mary born 15 may 1650 bapt 18th May 1650 died  married Sir Nickolas Slanning Knt. Baronet

Katherine married John Trelawney

Elizabeth married Sir George Cary of Clovely

Frances died un married in the same year as her father 21 Aug 1659


 Frances, Francys Pomeroy Born 11 Jul 1608      

 John 2 born and died 1609   


 ST Columb Major seen here. Where Andrew Pomeroy lived with his daughter Anne  Leigh from about 1620 until he died and was buried on 22 Nov 1639


In Records for Plympton St Mary, about 4 miles from Collaton. and not far from Plymouth at that time it was a significant Stannary town

 In parish records s I  found an
 Andrew Pomeroy married  Susan Elliott 12 March 1633


          John son to Andrew Pomeroy  Chr 23 Dec 1634-

Andrew son to Andrew Pomeroy Born  8 July 1643 -

  I wondered briefly if this might be second Andrew Pomeroy of Collaton and a 2nd marriage  but he died in 1639 so it cant be the same man

 However it is possible that Andrew 2  had a son he called Andrew that was unrecorded or the connection is to a different twig on the  Pomeroy tree - the Plymouth branch -


John of Collaton  is mentioned in A2A records of Yonge of Puslinch   circa 1514, where he is recorded as John brother and heir to Jacob Pomeroy.

 Jacob is Latinised James - Nothing definite found in IGI or in any other records thus far for either John or Jacob that date period -
 could this be John son of Andrew who married Anne Mathew (son of John who married Strowde)

This John married Mary Slanning of Plympton St Mary where the  later mentions of (presumably another) Andrew Pomeroy  is found

IPM for John Pomeroy obtained from the Records Office at Kew however  its in Latin !  Link here  

OR there is John son of William Pomeroy and Mary Bevill who was at St Cleer in Cornwall  whose Will  was proved in 1618.


 308/177/4  1514 held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office


1 John Pomeroy, brother and heir of Jacob Pomeroy

2 William Carew, esq, William Mordant, Robert Latymer, Robert Strode, Humfry Ardys, Thomas Nethercott and Richard Harward

Messuage and tenement in Newton Ferrers


Two ladies who may have been wives of the Collaton Pomeroys 

Devon trespass: close Date: 1549  Pomeroy, Elizabeth, widow – Richard  Upcote, yeoman  of Newton Ferris.Ferrers -

this is Tudor - the time of the Prayerbook Rebellion & Edward VI the boy king

Could she be another wife of one of the sons


Elizabeth POMEROY gentlewoman buried at Newton Ferrers between 1600 & 1620


  308/178/5  1619 These documents are held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office 

The Yonge family Papers


1 William Pomeroy and Andrew Pomeroy, late of Collaton, Devon, esquires

2 Leonard Yeo of Huish, Devon, esq

Capital messuage of Collaton, Devon


 107/50  14 June, 2&3 Philip & Mary (1556) These documents are held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

Contents: Quitclaim of eighteen feet of land lying without the "haygge" of Melsburyford, and in the east side of the way from Newton Ferrers to Puslinch, and so eastward through the north end of the north down of Collaton until it comes to the way from Collaton Morton Place to Puslinch Bridge.

William Upton of Puslinch, Esq., to Androwe Pomeroy of Collaton, Esq.


308/178/2  1617 These documents are held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

Contents: Feoffment and grant

1 William Pomeroy of Collaton, Devon, esq and Andrew Pomeroy, esq, son and heir apparent of the said William

2 Leonard Yeo of Huish, Devon, esq

Capital messuage and mansion house of Collaton, with appurtenances called Collaton alias Colleton in the parish of Newton Ferrers, Devon, and parcels of land called Tadislades alias Slades, Creberscombe alias Clenacombe in the parish of Newton Ferrers

Consideration: £4,400


 308/177/3  26 June 1514 These documents are held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

Contents: Gift

1 Edward Wylingheby, Antony Buttyshead, knight and Simon Maynard, gent

2 John Pomeroy

Messuage at Collaton, in Newton Ferrers


 308/177/5  15 April 1571 These documents are held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

Contents: Release

1 Henry Dillon

2 Andrew Pomeroy

Tenement in Newton Ferrers


308/177/6  1572  held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

Contents: Deed of exchange

1 Henry Dillon of Chyinwell, Devon, esq

2 Andrewe Pomeroye of Colleyton, Devon, esq

A Close of land called Buddelbrooke in Newton Ferrers


 308/178/1  1617 These documents are held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

Contents: Release

1 William Cavill of Trehavereke, Cornwall, esq, Nicholas Slanninge of Bickleigh, esq and John Vyvian of St Columb Higher, Cornwall esq

2 Leonard Yeo of Huish, esq

Mansion House of Collaton and a tenement called Todslade alias Toddeslades and Cr[amicum?] in the parish of Newton Ferrers, Devon

308/178/2  1617


Andrew seems to have sold his wife's property before she died in 1610 - 

Piece reference E 134/5 Jas1/Mich33 James I = 1607

John Hardy v. Andrew. Pomeroy, Oswald Cook.: Meadow in Bainham Lane, near Conny Park, sometimes called "Trelawney Meadow," in the parish of St. ...

 E 134  Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Depositions taken by Commission

Scope and content

John Hardy v. Andrew. Pomeroy, Oswald Cook.: Meadow in Bainham Lane, near Conny Park, sometimes called "Trelawney Meadow," in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen, and other lands in the borough of Downhevid and burrow of Newport, lately held by Thomas Hicks/ Hext or Hecks, lord of the "manor of Launceston Land."

 Survey of same.

[The names of Jane  Hicks, John Leigh, sometime bailiff of the manor of Launceston Land, Degory Hicks( son of Thomas Hext & father of Jane) , and Sir Wm. Killigrew, farmer of the manor of Launceston Land, are mentioned.]: Cornwall

Covering dates  5 Jas 1 - 1607

Held by Kew  Legal status Public Record(s)


ST Ervan 

St Ervan  Manor was held by the Arundells on of the two most significant & powerful landowning families in Cornwall the other being the Grenvilles of Kilkhampton.

 It is bounded on the east by St Petroc Minor & St Columb Major, and is located near the north coast of Cornwall miles from  Padstow and was held by the Arundells from the 13th centur. They also held  Lanherne  and Trerice and  had the manor of Trembleath in St Ervan Parish from 1240 onwards.  In the same parish is Trerenel seat of George BEARE gent whose wife was a Lanyon, his mother's family were
Arundell's of Lanherne.  The Beares estates went with a daughter  into the family of the  Bevill in 1572 -

 Phillipa Beare was Mary Bevill’s grandmother   &  Mary Bevill was William Pomeroy's grandmother

Phillipa Beare dau of John Beare of Pengelly and Elizabeth Carminowe sen.

 Phillipa born  about 1523 age 26 when her father died.

She  married 1st to Humphrey Arundel  4th son of Sir John Arundel & Elizabeth Danet 

    Married 2nd to Peter Bevill son of Peter Bevill & Thomasine Leigh 

 issue John Bevill of Killigarth  was Sheriff of Cornwall 1558 married Elizabeth Milliton at Killigarth

their  children were

1.             b 1544 Elizabeth, married Henry Meggs

2.             b 1546 Agnes, married Walter Kendall

3.             b 1548 William Bevill married Jane Arundell

4.             b 1550 Joan married Humphrey Prideaux

5.             b Peter Bevill married Grace Viel. 09-Sep 1591 Their daughter Elizabeth married Barnard Grenville parents of Sir Bevil Grenville & Sir Richard Grenville

6.             b 1552  Mary Bevill, married William Pomeroy,

7.             b 1556 Phillip Bevill

8.             b 1558 John Bevill, married Joan Killowe


70 years before  the Civil War , in 1572 Andrew Pomeroy had dealings with a Henry Dillon of Chingwell

Civil War 1642 -1651

1640 just prior to the beginning of this unhappy time .

 Strafford. After the Arrival of the King's Army in the County of York a Muster was taken thereof which was as followeth:

A List of the Strength of the King's Majesties Army, both Officers and Soldiers, as they were muster'd.

Included: (Officer and of men in his command:)

Col. Lansford 163 men , 

Lieut. Col. Lonsford 71 men, 

Serg. Maj. Gibbs 72 men, 

Capt. Powel 62 men, 

Capt. Lonsford 87 men, 

Capt. Pomeroy 84 men

Capt. Martin 75 men, 

Capt. Dillon 61 men , 

Capt. Capper 68 men, 

Capt. Hippisley 72 men

Names of all the Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Sergeant Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, Ensigns, Preachers, Chirurgeons, Quarter-masters, Provost Marshals, under his Excellency the Earl of Northumberland,

Captain General for this Expedition 1640. Taken according to the Muster Roll after the Armies Retreat from Newcastle into York.


The 1618 Will of John Pomeroy of St Cleer here  

The Inquisition Post Mortem of John Pomeroy  - in Latin which I , unhappily, do not read. If anyone can translate this I would be more than delighted to hear from you.

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