A Forest of Trees

Prepared by Pomeroy Researcher  Alma LaFrance in  2010

Thomas Pomeroy and Agnes Kelloway:
Who was the son and heir of Thomas Pomeroy and Agnes Kelloway?
Who were the parents of Agnes Kelloway?

Thomas was youngest brother of Sir Richard Pomeroy Knight of the Bath, the baron from 1481 to 1496,
Thomas had also been made a Knight of the Bath
As was the custom to award knighthoods on great occasions both were dubbed knight at the coronation of Elizabeth of York
the queen of first Tudor king, Henry Tudor, Henry VII on
25 November 1487

 POWLEY, P 81 gives the name of the son and heir of Thomas Pomeroy and Agnes Kelloway.  “Thomas (Pomeroy) died on the Saturday after Christmas 9 Henry VII—29 Dec 1493, holding 300 acres of “land” and 20 of “meadow” in Boudon, Blaudon, Ivecombe and Langedon (Totnes.) (v. p. 102), worth 10 pounds, of Piers Egecumbe as of the castle of Totnes, and 20 acres of “land” and 5 of “meadow” in Ivecumbe of Nicholas Holeway and Humphrey Walrond; these were free socages. 

(Reference, Inquisitions Post Mortem, Henry VII, I. 398,399.) HENRY, the son and heir, was aged 12 at his father’s death. (Chancery Inquisitions Post Mortem, Henry VII, I. 398. Series II. Vol 9. No. 61. ) See 1.

December 2012 and Alma La France discovered that after Thomas died Agnes married again and had an interesting life ! (link here)

This was just after the Wars of the Roses when Henry Tudor was new to his throne -
She married Thomas Bowring of Bowringsleigh n
ear Kingsbridge, a immense house and estates  even to this day. She  may have had children by him.  

Her Inquisition Post Mortem shows  that  Agnes was a rich widow when she  died in 1519. Her heir is Richard and there is no mention of Bowring children

 Richard Pomeroy who was her eldest son seems to have  inherited the bulk of her wealth. There were  properties  in  Bowden, Tibbercombe,Asshprington , Blowden, Langdon and Blackawton  . Her daughter Thomasina  and her husband  William Barrett  was granted  her premises at Blackawton , they were also seized of the manor of Bowden which was held of the Countess of Salisbury as part of her Stokenham manor ( Stokenham is  west of Kingsbridge and  Bowringsleigh is near by  as well. ) 

More about Stokenham here

The manor of Bowden was worth £6 a year.

In a pedigree of the Pomeroys on page 53 of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register for January, 1914, occurs that the statement of pedigree, together with the specific authority for the statement: "Thomas Pomeroy (Third son of Henry) Children: ii, Thomas, b. abt. 1481; named as son and heir of his father and as aged twelve years at the death of the latter, 29 December, 1493. — Inquisition, Chancery Series 2, Vol. 9. No. 61. 9 Henry VI 11."   

 Some answers:

Q  What is the real name of son and heir of Thomas and Agnes Pomeroy? A -  Richard Pomeroy

What follows is a translation of the Chancery Inquisitions Post Mortem. Series II. Vol. 9. No. 61. 

It was delivered to the Court 16th April, 9 Henry VII, 1495 by the hands of Lewes Powell and John Forster.

"Inquisition taken at Exeter in the County of Devon 10th April in the 9th year of the reign of King Henry VII. (1494) Before John Takell, escheator of the lord King in the county aforesaid, by virtue of a certain writ of the said lord King, after the death of Thomas Pomerey directed to the same escheator and attached to this inquisition by the oath of Robert Pomerey, esq., Sinclerus Pomerey, Thomas Werthe, esq., William Floyer, esq., John Butayde, Henry Drake, George Faryngdon, Vincent Maynerd, John Werthe, Richard Sachefyld, John Trewman and John Bagtorr. Who say upon their oath that the aforesaid Thomas, named in the said writ on the day he died was seised of 1 messuage 300 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow with the appurtenances in Boudon, Blaudon, Ivecomb, and Langedon in the county aforesaid in his demeasne as of fee; and that they are worth yearly in all issues beyond reprisals 10 li., and that they are held of Peter Edgecomb as of castle Totton in free socage; and they say further that the said Thomas on the day he died was seised of 20 acres of land and 5 acres of meadow in Ivecomb in the county aforesaid in his demeasne as of fee and that they are worth yearly in all issues beyond reprisals 16s, and that they are held of Nicholas Holeway and Humphrey Walrond in free socage; and they say further that the said Thomas named in the said writ on the day he died held no land or tenements of the said lord King in chief in demeasne or in service, nor held any more lands or tenements of any other in demeasne or in service in the county aforesaid; And that the same Thomas died on Saturday next after the feast of the Nativity of the Lord (29 December, 1493), in the above written year of the reign of the King aforesaid, and that Henry Pomerey is his son and next heir, and is of the age of 12 years and more.


 While Thomas Pomeroy  did marry  Agnes Kelloway, she was not the daughter of  John (as stated by Vivian) or Thomas Kelloway (NEHGS) of Sherborne, co. Dorset. 
The father of Agnes Kelloway, wife of Thomas Pomeroy, was William Kelloway the younger of Sherborne, Dorset. 

Reference A. .  Benolte's original Visitation of Devonshire, 1531: Agnes Kayllewey is named not only as the wife of the said Thomas Pomeroy, but as daughter of William Cayleway of Sherborn, Dorset. 
B. See also the will of her Grandfather.
C. see the Exchequer Inquisitions, Series IL File 155. No. 8: Writ dated at Westminster 25 January 6 Henry VIII (1514-15.)
Another record...this time a land record which affirms the maternal lineage of Agnes Kelloway. It also names "Richard, son of Thomas Pomeroy."   The land in question is being affirmed by Sir Edward Pomeroy of Berry Pomeroy to Richard, son of Thomas Pomeroy.By 1510 Henry and Anne, and Thomas are deceased. Richard would be about 20 years of age.   No mention of "son and heir," Henry.

Devon Record Office  3799M-0/T/1/1  1510  Contents: Exemplification of recovery by letter patent

1. Richard Pomeray esq.  2. Edward Pomeray knt.
( Edward, baron from 1496 to 1538, was son of Sir Richard Pomeroy Knight of the Bath  & the baron from 1481 to 1496, nephew of Thomas who was brother to Richard)

Premises: eight messuages, two mills and lands in Berry Pomeroy, Bridgetown Pomeroy, Smalebroke and Flete, which Oto Gilbert, Thomas Bowryng and John Snape gave to Henry Pomeray and Anne his wife and the lawful heirs of their bodies. If Henry and Anne die without heirs of their bodies, the premises remain to Thomas Pomeray son the said Henry, and Agnes Kayleway daughter of Johanne daughter of the said Anne, and the heirs of the body of Thomas and after the death of Henry, Anne, Thomas and Agnes, remainder to Richard son of Thomas Pomeray

Q  How can we be sure that the Agnes Kelloway in the following will is the Agnes Kelloway who married Thomas Pomeroy?

1. Will of William Kaylewaye [PCC 27 Godyn fol. 224. The original is in Latin; the transcription was published in Weaver's "Somerset Wills," pp. 218/219.
Too long to insert. Here is a clip: William writes:

Item, I bequeath to the said WILLIAM, son of my said son WILLIAM, all my iron and all my “oode” [woad]  which is in my cellar at Shirborne aforesaid.
Item, to AGNES, daughter of the said WILLIAM, my son, 40 li. (40  pounds) a considerable sum when a yearly income for a yeoman farmer with land was around that sum - AP)
Item, to ALICE, the other daughter of the said WILLIAM, 40 li. to be paid out of my debts.
The residue of my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to my executors, to do therewith as shall seem to them most expedient for my soul, and I ordain the said WILLIAM, my son, and Thomas Cosyn, my clerk, executors of this my will.
And whereas my seal is unknown to many, I have procured the common seal of the Abbess and Convent of the House of B.V.M. [Blessed Virgin Mary] of the Cistercian order of Tarent in the said county of Dorset, to be affixed to these presents. 
Proved 1st July 1469, and administration committed to the executors.

Kelloway Pedigree: 
  A pedigree can be structured from the 1469 will of William Keyleway of Sherborne, Dorset:

John Kayleway – living, possibly as late as 1457/8. 
   A.  William Kayleway (c1400 - 1469)          mar. (1)  Isabelle   Probably mother of the child/children.
                                                                                    (2)  Joan  widow of Roger Ledred. 
     William Kayleway (c1425/30 -)   mar. Joan Barret, d/o Henry Barret (s/o John Barret) See [3]
             a.  William Kayleway (c1450/55 -     
             b.  John Kayleway (c1555/60 -)
             c.  Agnes Kayleway –
             d.  Alice Kayleway – no further information.

Joan Barret has been  identified on various “pedigrees’ as a daughter of Henry Barret and wife, Joanna/Anna Cammell of Fiddleford
or Fittleford in Whiteparish (seen here)

After Henry Barret died, Anna Camell married (2) Thomas Gylle of Hacche Arundell  in Loddiswell near Kingsbridge. A merchant and a privateer. Her 3rd husband was Henry Pomeroy, and she was his second wife. She had no children by Pomeroy and pre-deceased him dying in 1481.
Henry Pomeroy died 7 July 1487.  Henry Pomeroy was father of (by his 1st wife) Thomas Pomeroy (d. 29 December 1493) who married Agnes
Kayleway, daughter of William “the younger” Kayleway, son of William “the elder,” her grandfather (1469 will).  [Chancery Case C 1/59/42)

 Agnes (daughter of William “the younger”] and granddaughter of William “the elder” (1469 will), with her husband Thomas Pomeroy,
sued her father to claim the £40 left to her in her grandfather’s will. This occurred between 1469 and 1486. 

 In exploring the reference by Vivian that  “Cheriton Fitzpaine was settled upon Thomas and Agnes Pomeroy”  by her father, an Exchequer Inquisition not only shows the errors of this, it more importantly gives the true pedigree of Agnes Kelloway. (Public Record Office, London.)

Exchequer Inquisitions, Series IL File 155. No. 8: Writ dated at Westminster 25 January 6 Henry VIII:  ( 1515)

The jurors say the said Henry Pomerey, son of Edward, was seised in his demeasne as of fee of 1 messuage, 226 acres of land, etc., and 15s rent in Cheryton Fitzpayne and so seised thereof enfeoffed Oto Gilbert, esquire, Thomas Bowryng and John Snape, to have to them and their heirs forever, by pretext of which they were thereof seised in their demeasne as of fee. And so seised by their charter indented dated 20th September I5 Edward (1478) they demised, etc.,
to the said Henry Pomerey, esquire, and Anne his wife the said messuage and 80 acres of land and pasture in Cheriton Fitzpayne and . . .

20 acres called Wallen ( seen here) . . . to the said Henry and Anne and their heirs, with remainder to Thomas Pomerey, son of said Henry Pomerey, and Agnes Kayllewey,  daughter of Johanne, daughter of the said Anne. 

The important sentence in this inquisition is the last, for it gives the ancestry of Agnes
“daughter of Johanne, daughter OF THE SAID ANNE.  The “said Anne” is Anne Camell, marrried 1st to Henry Barrett,  & 2nd to Henry de la Pomeroy.
          Johanne, “daughter of Johanne, “is Johanne/Joan Barrett, daughter of Anne Cammel and her first husband Henry Barret, of Whiteparish in Dorset who married William Kelloway of Sherborne, Dorset.

Ellis of Bapton: Inquisition PM Nov 14 22nd Hen VIII: Gives a Barrett pedigree: Joanne/Anna Camell of Fittleford Dorset  (sic) (b.ca1418)
 married 1.HENRY BARRETT and 2.Henry de la Pomeroy. Henry Barrett was son of John Barrett of Whelpley who married Agnes Ellis:
Inq.pm Nov 14 22HenV11(1506) Ellis of Bapton.

 Cheriton Fitzpain is east of Holbeton near Cullumpton in East Devon -

Agnes Kelloway- Pomeroy Bowring had a daughter Thomasine Pomeroy who married a William Barrett
and Agnes's son Richard Pomeroy challanged the baron Sir Edward Pomeroy for certain of the Pomeroys lands.

Devon Record Office 3799M-0/T/12/4 1519 held at Devon Record Office
Contents: Arbitration
1. John Gruele knt., chief justice of the common pleas, and Lewys Pollard knt., another of the justices of the common pleas, arbitrators
2. Edward Pomeroy knt.
3. Richard Pomeroy esq.
Arbitration: 2. is to hold the manor of Sandrygge and the lands and tenements called Sandrygge, Wyll, Hokemores londs, Austyns londs, Hardebyns londs, John Harrys londs, Bertilmewe Harrys londs, Walles and Welcombe, and he is to pay 3. £430.
3. is to cause William Barret and Thomasyn his wife to acknowledge to 3. by fine all right and interest they have in the manor of Sandridge, Sandridge, Will, Hokemoreslands, Austyns londs, John Harrys londs, Bertilmewe Harrys londs, Walles, Welcome, Yalburn, Hemston, Chatard, Grendon, Stoke Gabriel and Paignton.
3. is to make to 2. a good surety of his share of the premises and is to hold the lands and tenements called Teynghervy, Yaleburn, Hemston, Chaterd, Grendon, Stoke Gabriel and Paynton (Paington)for himself and the heirs male of his body, with remainder, for default, to 2. 2. is to make 3. a good surety of his share of the premises