Found or Lost

Found, an Andrew Pommrye baptised Sidmouth 1601 to  Wyllyam Pummerye Christened 11 dec 1601 son of William Pummery with the  variations who’s to tell. The scribe of the entries had his own idiosyncratic way of spelling; I would suspect an ageing priest retaining the spelling habits of a life time!

Found In IGI I found Jane Pomeroy’s dates were 1568 with her marriage to William Cavil of St Kew  before 1584, which might make her daughter of the senior Andrew Pomeroy & Anne Matthews and therefore sibling to William, John, Edward, Wilmot, Thomasin and Mary

Found  that neither Edward Pomeroy 1431 married to Margaret Bevill nor his son Henry Pomeroy were knights. However Henry’s son Saintclere was knighted.
In May 1471 he fought on the losing side in the bloody slaughter that was the Battle of Tewkesbury. About three weeks later at the end of May he died presumable of wounds.
brothers Richard & Thomas were later knighted. They both made Knights of the Bath at the coronation of Elizabeth of York daughter of the Yorkist king Edward IV and wife of the victorious Lancastrian, Henry Tudor, Henry VII.
Elizabeth of Yorks was daughter of a king, wife of a king and mother of a king.

Found Henry Pomeroy of Tregony sold the manor of Stockleigh Pomeroy to Griffith Ameridith in 1547 (38 year of reign of Henry VIIII) The same year that his uncle Sir Thomas sold the barony of Berry Pomeroy which effectively demoted the family from barons to simple gentry.
Henry of Tregony seems to have been a pretty dodgy character - if his profile is right.

They appear to have sold off parts of the family estates bit by bit until 1547 when Thomas sold Berry Pomeroy itself.

Devon Record Office  3799M-0/T/3/1  1546
Contents:Bargain and sale
1. Griffin Ameredeth, citizen and merchant tailor of the county and city of Exeter
2. Thomas POMEROY of Berry POMEROY esq.
Premises: the manor of Brixham and all his messuages, lands and tenements named Sanderidge, Will and Eglesfourd and all other commodities lying in the towns, parishes and fields of Brixham, Sandridge, Will and Eglesfourd which 1. lately purchased
Consideration: £500