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DEVON WOOL TRADE  Dyed in the Wool my website about the local wool trade in Devon

1820 Settlers- One of the Branches of My Pomeroy Tree - Sarah Hornblow's Children

Pomeroy Connections, researching the links between the American Pomeroys and the English Family 

Oaths by Pomeroy in Devon  1723 


Genealogical Links

Find My Past -pay to view                                          

Free Births Marriages and Deaths BMD's                   

Free Census records from 1841 to 1891 excluding 1881 which is on Family Search     


1901 Census              pay to view but not expensive    

GENUKI is invaluable.                                                       

Someone else may have already researched your tree so try this first

Roots Webs   family trees and message boards
Guild of One-Name Studies                              

An Excellent Forum that offers local help is Rootschat genealogical forum


IGI - this is the Mormon database known as IGI. International Genealogical Index and  it is free- includes BMD all around the world -  the 1881 British census as well as census's in USA. It also has births abroad. However  be cautious as many of these are transcribed from transcriptions and not to be relied on. Double check information.

·     includes free access to 1881 census

·    and

·      both are pay to view

 Searches. Local information and connections including the very useful Parish Clerk system.

·                     Main Page at                                    On Line Parish Clerk scheme                           
includes a brilliant site for Cornwall - Other counties include  Devon which requires you to ask for help rather than doing for yourself.  Dorset, Essex ,Hampshire Lancashire, Somerset, Sussex, Warwickshire, Wiltshire –

The country is covered  with Local Family History Societies
Devon Family History Society
based in Exeter at the Treehouse in Exeter and worth a visit.

·                                                                     ’s
History Selection site                                     

 PAY TO VIEW SITES   Beware of sites that want £25 for a certificate. They should be about £7!

SCOTLANDS PEOPLE the government records for Scotland. 1513-2007


ANCESTRY. COM is a pay to join site, very useful, but I thinks it is expensive since many of the records can be found with a little effort.
If you have no other recourse the local Library has free access but with only a ½ hour free,  you need to go well prepared.

Irish National Archive                                


Apart from Ellis Island in USA which records immigrant entries from January 1, 1892, until November 12, 1954 the main entry facility for immigrants entering the United States; the facility replaced the state-run 

 Ellis Island                                                                 
Castle  Garden Immigration Depot (1855-1890)        

 If they went TO INDIA  there is FIBIS Families in British India Society a very comprehensive and useful site.



If they went to  CHINA – This seems to have been mainly missionaries. I usually Google the place and add missionary and see what pops out. There  are  various denominational websites with information and  quite a bit on line but there doesn’t seem to be one website that covers all.

Cyndi’s List. A list of almost everything genealogical.