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Mrs. Aden/reading
Mrs. Ruffridge/social st./language
Mr. Henrickson/math
Mrs. Radig/science
We will all be helping with writing, 
speaking, and listening standards.



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MONDAY, DEC. 17, 6:30

    Week of Dec. 17-Dec.21

READING:Last week the sixth graders made a trip to Arlington Place and performed the classic readers theater, The Christmas Truce. This readers theater, by Aaron Shepherd, is a historical fiction story of the events of Christmas Eve, 1914, on the British-German front during World War I. It is said to be one of the most miraculous events of military history, and unveils the war and peace theme of two enemy lines coming together for only a brief period of time, to realize that in sharing the peace with one another, they find that the enemy is much like themselves. Unfortunately, after the shared fellowship they must return to the duties of war that cannot be shirked.  Students learned a wealth of new vocabulary, and they also sang parts of carols using foreign languages! Should you like to view this readers theater, it is available on this link: PAC Aden Reading Rocks (Facebook page). This week the students will be creating summary videos of the readers theaters, which will be uploaded on SeeSaw when completed.

The fifth graders have been practicing their readers theater as well. The Baker's Dozen is considered a Dutch Colonial tale or legend. Although our main character, the baker, is an honest person, he has yet to learn a few things about generosity! We hope to perform it for some elementary students, however, we WILL be taping this live and posting it on our PAC Aden Reading Rocks Facebook page!

Language: Students are focusing on journal writing. They are currently writing letters and reviewing the five parts of a friendly letter, needed punctuation, and more.

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2nd quarter goal: 4 books at independent level

(note: readers theaters vocabulary words may be found on the assignment page as well as links to the readers theaters).

                   6th GRADE Reading Jeopardy Review


                    (interactive online organizer)

TEXT STRUCTURE     RAGS TO RICHES                                    

               Author's Purpose

Rags to Riches: fragments and sentences



"Do You Believe?" (video)

10 year old intellect, Dalton Sherman's keynote speech


Students: Use Mrs. Aden's Symbaloo for inferring games and literary elements! (find in left hand column).

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