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JELAČA, Tamara

>>"One Moment of Thinking"

92 x 92 cm

Embroidery and acrylic on fabric

My artwork is based on the idea that comes as the product of re-thinking about the things that surround me on daily basis. That could be a headline in the newspapers, TV news, books, music or a chat with friends. But it is also about what occupies me inside - my personal feelings and experiences.

As a textile artist, I have always felt that textile materials and threads give my work the required texture and fullness of expression. I would not be able to achieve it in any other technique, nor by other means. The embroidery on the other hand, gives me the chance of re-experiencing the theme.  Embroidery is a kind of meditation for me. The process of creating images is slow, and the drawing occurs slowly. 

The time spent in the creation of lines, shapes and surface is valuable to me in understanding the narrative behind each work, and which I want to share with others. At the same time, the idea itself is only a moment or fragment of thoughts on a particular theme.