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"Polyu Content Marketing" is an assignment about content marketing, which assigned by Polyu Postgraduate in E-Commerce programme COMP5331. 

Why is content marketing important?

Content Marketing

Content marketing is extremely important for online business. All online business rely heavily on search engine to survive. There is option we could pay the paid search in google, which is google adwords, to expose us on the internet. Or, we could pay the comparison sites, such as shopping.com to increase our index on google. However, that would be expensive and create heavy burden to the marketing cost of the company. Therefore, we need to focus in SEO, search engine optimization to maximize our exposure on google with less spending.

Content marketing would be our chance. We can put related keywords based on what customers will search regarding the products inside the site or product page. We can also allow customers to put their reviews on the site to increase our content page quality. There are different types of content marketing, which includes digital content marketing, online content marketing, social media marketing, content strategy, content marketing strategy, marketing content management, web content, content marketing institute, best content marketing, content marketing seo etc.

About E-Commerce and Content Marketing

There is a undivided relationship between E-Commerce and content marketing. Every single online shop will require to have a lots of content in their website including product name, product descriptions, product reviews, user reviews, product keywords and proper links of each products etc. By doing the above content marketing technique, the searching performance of the above product pages from Google search engine will be improved. That's why some companies are willing to spend a lot of resources in editorial department to write the product review and some companies are willing to offer benefits to users who are willing to leave the users' reviews. Those reviews contains unique contents that will help the search results and hence attract more potential customers.  Therefore, we should focus in content marketing while we are working in E-commerce industry.


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