Tuk Tuk & Car Transport Service in Siem Reap


Hi. My name is Poly Pey and I'm a 38 year old Cambodian man who lives in Siem Reap (near Angkor Wat). I lost my eye in a childhood accident and have worked hard to overcome this disability (especially since Cambodians look down upon handicapped individuals like me).

For four years, I rode my bicycle 32km each day to study English. I hope you'll find that this hard work paid off. I can now speak English well. I'd welcome the chance to take you on tours of the local temples or other sites.

I am a single father with three children, and would very much appreciate your business because it will help me provide for my family, which is not easy. I am prepared to work very hard to give my customers the best service I can. I can work with you to customize your touring plans exactly as you want, and guarantee to always be on time to pick you up from your hotel.

  Car Service Rate
Car/Taxi - the luxury transportation in Siem Reap. Almost all are equipped with air conditioning, which is a lifesaver if you are visiting Angkor Wat during the dry season (very hot!). I'd recommend Tuk Tuk for shorter trips because you're in closer contact with the surroundings and can breathe the natural Cambodian air! However, Taxi is great for visiting faraway temples. Besides, it's always your choice.

Angkor area Grand circuit: $25USD
Small circuit: $25USD
  • To: Sambor Prei Kuk temple in Kampong Thom province and return same day $99.00
  • To: Kbal Spean, Banteay Sri, Banteay Samre ,Roluos group $50.00
  • To: Beng Melea and Roluos group $50.00
  • To: Kulen Mountains (Phnom Kulen) $60.00
  • One day to Ta Mok'houes and Pol Pot's grave $80.00
  • One day to Preah Vihear temple near Thai border $120.00
  • One day to Kbal Spean, Banteay Sri, Beng Melea $60.00
  • To: Tonle Sap Lake ( flooding village ) $25.00
  • To: Roluos group $25.00
  • To: visit the Silk farm $25.00
  • To :Thai border (the car use much gasoline) $60.00
  • To: Sambor prei kuk temple in Kampong Thom province go and back the same day $99.00

      Please note: Our car uses gasoline only, not gas. Gas-fuelled car is not always safe for          traveling. 


Tuk Tuk is the budget mode of transportation, but still very comfortable. You can sit back on soft cushions, be protected from the sun and rain, and still be in close contact with the surroundings. Plus I can provide a complimentary bottle of chilled water and cold face wipes for your extra comfort. 

Tuk Tuk in Siem Reap are motorcycles pulling a carriage that can fit 4 people comfortably. 

Grand Circuit: $15USD

Small Circuit: $15USD

For sunrise visit, there is an extra charge of $2.

  • One day with a very long tuk tuk drive To Kbal Spean, Banteay Srey, Beng Melea: $50.00

   Tour guide Service available! Please ask me and I can provide details.
We hope you will enjoy our services.

                 All Services Guaranteed! Include pick-up and drop-off at your hotel.

Thank you for your kind support!

         email:    poly.pey@gmail.com

website: http://sites.google.com/site/polypey

mobile phone: +855 97 713 713 8 (international phone)

                     +855 12 813 840  

012 813 840 /097 7137138 (local phone)

WhatsApp +855 887094616


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Poly was highly recommended to us by a good friend who regularly visits Cambodia, and always uses his services whenever she’s in Siem Reap. We were really grateful for her recommendation as we feel we couldn’t have had a better driver than Poly. As we were visiting Siem Reap for the first time, and really wanted to make the most of our time there, we knew that planning our visits to the Angkor Wat complex was very important, but didn’t know the best way of doing this. We need not have worried, because Poly knew exactly where and when (most important) to take us. He made suggestions to visit other areas we hadn’t considered, and we were happy to follow his advice.
JM (Australia), March 2018 

Poly was our tut tuk driver when we toured the huge Angkor Wat complex over 3 days. We wanted to avoid the crowds as much as possible, and he was extremely helpful, advising when the various temples were most crowded and planning our schedule around those peak periods. We just put our days in his hands, and were delighted with the way it worked out. Also, it was great having a driver with good English, and we learnt a lot about aspects of life in Cambodia from talking with him. When we asked him to stop outside a wedding we chanced upon, he was happy to do so, and that led to one of those travel experiences you can never anticipate but will always remember – being invited by the groom to join the celebrations, and literally being dragged on to the dance floor! I highly recommend Poly. He even gave us a bottle of cold water and chilled face wipes when we returned hot and sweaty from clambering around the temples in the heat and humidity – most welcome, believe me! We will certainly be contacting him to be our tuk tuk or taxi driver next time we’re in Siem Reap.

Ross B (Australia), March 2018