You will be doing a few lessons each week according to the chart. Soon you will be a fully trained member of the library staff.  So go ahead and get started!  Each lesson will tell you what to do to get credit.




1.    Be dignified and courteous. Don’t sit with friends or hang out near their tables.  Don’t take them along when you run errands.

2.   Don’t play around with library supplies or equipment, waste supplies or handle things in a dangerous or damaging way.

3.   Do not chew gum. It’s OK to have a snack or a drink under these conditions:  it stays in the workroom. It isn’t placed where it will spill on projects. It doesn’t interfere with your job (no greasy hands, no helping students while chewing, etc.)  There’s a fridge in the store room where you may store lunch or drinks. You may use the microwave. Clean up after yourself.

4.  Silent use of phones is fine in the library. If you use your phone to do an information seeking task, it's OK. If you are using it for personal communication or fun, please wait till your daily tasks are completed.  Step outside or into the work room to talk on the phone.

6.   Keep clean hands.

7.   if you need a whole or half period to study, cash in one of your coupons. If you complete your daily jobs and what you judge to be your share of the general jobs, it's OK to study when you are done.

8.   Don’t misuse your privileges.

9.   Poly Code of Conduct is in force. The library counts as any other classroom or work area.



You will soon know what is stored in almost every area of the library. You may use supplies in the workroom to do your library work.  However, please respect the privacy of the Librarians by not opening drawers or using supplies in our work areas.  That includes the circulation desk, the little desk in the office and the counter in the office.  Everything you need can be found in the workroom. If it's not, please ask. Do not borrow pens, markers, scissors, tape, etc. from the librarians’ work areas.  Often we are doing several jobs and we need to return and find the supplies where we left them.


TA Perks

Because you work here, you have these special privileges:

Use of fridge and microwave

You may exit out the back door, even if it's not your TA period.

You may store textbooks, jackets, etc. in the workroom area during the day.

Free color printing for school projects (within reason).

Read this whole page. You'll be glad you did.

Welcome Poly Library TA!

You are now part of the library staff. TA's are essential to keep the library operating and you will learn skills that could help in a future job.

You will need a cooperative attitude and a willingness to do whatever you are asked without complaining.  Some jobs are fun and some are not but they all need to be done.


This class is different from many other classes:

*You won’t have homework but you will receive a grade.

*You will have freedom to move around the library and the campus and to decide which of several jobs you will do.

*You will have chances to figure out the best way to do a job and then to do it.

*You can be creative and artistic if you want.


The ideal library TA is working to develop these traits:

Courteous and businesslike 

Self-directed, organized, responsible

Work well with students and adults

Constructive problem solver

Show initiative

Able to adjust to changes 

Work accurately

Respect yourself, others, and school materials

Your supervisors will be whichever adults are in charge of the library. Mrs. Bowman will be your teacher and assign your grade.


One benefit of this class is that it is like working at a job in a store or office.  If you do well, your teacher will be an excellent reference when you apply for a job.



At the start of each week, pick up an evaluation sheet from the tray on the workroom counter.  Put it in the binder at the front desk. The binder also contains point total sheets and coupons you may cash in when you need to study.


Each day at the end of class, evaluate your performance for that day and mark your points in the binder. At the end of the week, I will total your points. Usually I will accept your self-evaluation points as your grade. If I see that you are doing better or worse than the grade you give yourself, I may adjust it.  If you are absent, you will lose participation points for the day, but if the absence is excused, you may make up shelf care points and book shelving points.  Frequent absences will lower your grade.

The bulletin board in the workroom will have jobs and announcements.  Check it each day when you come in. Sometimes there will be jobs or deliveries on the counter or the big table with instructions attached. After you complete a job, throw away the note or instruction sheet.

I will give you a folder which will remain here in the library.  When your graded evaluation sheets are returned each week, put them in your folder. If you print any lesson pages, you can keep them in your folder too. 


Extra Credit: After you know how to re-shelve books, you will be required to do 10 a day for basic credit.  Sometimes I will offer the chance to shelve more than 10 for extra credit.  On the weekly dusting sheet, there are some areas that can be cleaned for Extra Credit.



You are on time if you are inside the library door when the bell begins to ring AND when the teacher in charge has noticed that you are here.  Your first duty is to find the teacher and check in. Saying hello will do just fine!



Clean up your work area and mark your points for the day.  Stay in the library until the bell rings.  You don’t have to wait for the teacher’s permission to leave. Don’t quit work early and hang out by the door.