Polyhedra Debugger

The Debugger Reference Manual (attached below in PDF format) describes the Polyhedra debugger. The Debugger is a service that is incorporated into the RTRDB (and CLC), enabling application developers to display contents of the database, display information about registered active queries, trace transactional query execution, trace CL execution, insert break points, examine the state of CL objects and to provide other facilities for debugging a Polyhedra application.

It is assumed that the reader is a configurer or an application writer and has an understanding of CL and object-oriented concepts. It is recommended that the Polyhedra Overview and Polyhedra User's Guide are read prior to reading this document. This document should be used in conjunction with the CL Reference manual.

Note: The Polyhedra Debugger is not available in Polyhedra Lite.

Polyhedra Helpdesk,
26 Oct 2018, 04:07