RTRDB - the Polyhedra database server

The RTRDB reference manual (attached below in PDF format) describes the Real-time Relational Database component of Polyhedra. The manual is aimed at Polyhedra system configurers and application writers. The section on Running the RTRDB is also useful to application users. It is recommended that the reader also see the Polyhedra Overview and the Polyhedra User's Guide prior to reading this document. It is assumed that the reader has knowledge of relational databases, SQL and object-oriented concepts.
Certain subcomponents of the RTRDB are documented separately:

 The CL component is also documented separately, as it can be used both as as part of the RTRDB as well as standalone (the CLC executable).

To view the rtrdb reference manual online, click on the name of the manual below; you will have to be logged on to a Google account to do this. To download the file for off-line viewing, click on the downwards pointing arrow  at the end of the line or click on this link. Customers who have developer licenses for a full version of Polyhedra (on any platform) can download a ZIP file containing the full set of Polyhedra reference manuals: contact the Polyhedra help desk for instructions on accessing this.

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