OLE DB Provider for Polyhedra

The manual attached below, in PDF format, describes PatOleDb, the Polyhedra OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Windows, which exposes the interface to customers requiring access to data on one or more computers running one or more instances of the Polyhedra Real-Time Relational Data Base Server. OLE DB is a standard produced by Microsoft Corporation for data access. The intent of PatOleDb is to provide access to Polyhedra data using this standard. This allows high-level languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft C++ to access Polyhedra data via OLE DB and ADO (ActiveX Data Objects). The manual attempts to describe, in sufficient detail, the usage of the Polyhedra OLE DB Provider using OLE DB consumers and ADO. Nevertheless, there are programming considerations and details of both topics that cannot be covered in this document. There are many books and online resources for information relating to OLE DB and ADO programming in general.
PatOleDb is an OLE DB version 2.5 compliant provider.

For complete information regarding the use of OLE DB providers and implementing OLE DB consumers the reader is directed to the OLE DB Programmer's Reference Manual distributed as part of the Microsoft Platform SDK and MDAC SDK packages. Should the reader wish to develop an OLE DB consumer using Microsoft C++ or Microsoft Visual Basic, an understanding of Microsoft‟s COM standard is advised. A simpler interface to PatOleDb is Microsoft‟s ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) technology. Use of ADO requires less knowledge of COM and is often the preferred (simpler) method of data access using PatOleDb. For detailed information on ADO, the reader is directed to the appropriate Microsoft documentation on the subject.

To view the manual online, click on the name of the manual below; you will have to be logged on to a Google account to do this. To download the file for off-line viewing, click on the downwards pointing arrow  at the end of the line or click on this link. Customers who have developer licenses for a full version of Polyhedra (on any platform) can download a ZIP file containing the full set of Polyhedra reference manuals: contact the Polyhedra help desk for instructions on accessing this.
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