All editions of Polyhedra, on all supported platforms, come with a library allowing client applications to use the industry-standard ODBC API to connect to, and interact with, Polyhedra database servers. On all supported platforms, your code can link directly to our library, in which case you can take advantage of some Polyhedra-specific enhancements. On Windows and certain Linux platforms, the library is also available as a driver, that can be used in conjunction with a driver manager; to use these, the client application has to be linked with the driver manager code, which means the application writer cannot make use of Polyhedra-specific extensions. (Using the driver manager also requires that the Polyhedra ODBC driver has to be installed and configured on the target machine on which the client application will be run.)
The document attached below is a reference manual for the API supported by the Polyhedra ODBC library; readers are assumed to be familiar with writing ODBC applications, as the manual does not include a tutorial. To view the manual online, click on the name of the manual below; you will have to be logged on to a Google account to do this. To download the file for off-line viewing, click on the downwards pointing arrow  at the end of the line or click on this link. Customers who have developer licenses for a full version of Polyhedra (on any platform) can download a ZIP file containing the full set of Polyhedra reference manuals: contact the Polyhedra help desk for instructions on accessing this.
Polyhedra Helpdesk,
16 Dec 2020, 23:41