JDBC driver for Polyhedra

Polyhedra comes with a JDBC library that allows JAVA programmers to interact with a Polyhedra database. It is a "type 4" driver, written purely in Java, and thus can be used with any standard Java engine. There is also a supplementary library for use with CLDC Java engines that do not have inbuilt support for JDBC.
The Polyhedra JDBC API is documented in the manual attached below, which is in PDF format. To view the manual online, click on the name of the manual below; you will have to be logged on to a Google account to do this. To download the file for off-line viewing, click on the downwards pointing arrow  at the end of the line or click on this link. Customers who have developer licenses for a full version of Polyhedra (on any platform) can download a ZIP file containing the full set of Polyhedra reference manuals: contact the Polyhedra help desk for instructions on accessing this.
Polyhedra Helpdesk,
26 Oct 2018, 04:04