Drivers for use with Polyhedra Lite

ODBC drivers

Enea has got 32-bit ODBC drivers for Polyhedra Lite, for use on Windows; to install this on your machine, you simply download the relevant kit (see below), unpack it, and run the setup file - this registers it with the driver manager, and then brings up a dialog box allowing you to associate a name with a Polyhedra database server access point. This is covered by a tutorial - see here - and also described in the ODBC reference manual. Note that this 32-bit driver can be used on 64-bit versions of Windows, by applications that run in 32-bit mode - so you can use it with 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office products, for example, or client application that have been compiled in 32-bit mode. (Enea also have a 64-bit version of the Polyhedra ODBC driver, which can be supplied to those with development licenses for the full version of Polyhedra for Windows; contain the Polyhedra support desk for access to this.)

There are also 32-bit ODBC drivers for use on Linux/x86 and Linux on the raspberry Pi, for use with the unixODBC driver manager. To use this, you will have to download and unpack the kit (attached, below) and then set up a configuration file by hand; at this stage, we do not have a graphic interface for this. (unixODBC is not included in our driver release kit, but it is pre-installed on many Linux distributions. If it is not already available on your system, you might have to install or enable it yourself; the means for doing this vary between distributions, but for Debian-based systems you could use the apt-get command.)

Java driver

For Java users, we have a type-4 JDBC driver; the 'type-4' bit means that it is written in Java, so it can be used with any Java runtime engine that understands JDBC. The driver is documented here. (The installation kit also contains a special version of the driver that can be used with restricted java engines such as CDLC.)

Python driver

For Python users we have a DB-API module. This is supplied in source form under an MIT licence in the release kits (but requires the installation of the ODBC driver, which is separately licensed).

License conditions

Polyhedra Lite users can download and use these drivers for free, under the Polyhedra Lite Licence (see the Polyhedra Lite page on the Polyhedra developer site for a copy of this license); this means they are only for use with the Polyhedra Lite software.

In general, a commercial license is required to use these drivers with versions of Polyhedra other than Polyhedra Lite: in other words, a fee is payable. Polyhedra customers should obtain the from the same site they obtain their licensed copies of Polyhedra, where customers with development licenses for Polyhedra on Windows can also obtain an OLE/DB driver and an ADO.NET data provider for Polyhedra. Customers of our customers should contact their supplier for a copy of the drivers, who will be able to ensure that the right version of the driver is supplied, and that the use of the drivers is properly licensed.

By downloading any of these drivers you are indicating your acceptance of these license conditions.
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