Weekends of camping and activities with people who share a common philosophy of abundant love, honest and open communications on beautiful Vancouver Island.

 Friday to Sunday July 17 - 19 (Sooke, BC)

 Friday to Sunday August 21-23 (Chemainus, BC)

We are pleased to announce that this year there will be TWO PolyAllAgesCampBC  eventsCamp #1 will be held on a group camping site at French Beach Provincial Park in Sooke, BC.
Camp #2
will be held at a group camping site near Chemainus, BC. 
Registration is done through Eventbrite again this year and you will find the link for registration on the registration page on the left in the navigation bar of this page. 

These camping weekends are for adults who are supportive of the philosophy of polyamory but not necessarily practicing it, their family and friends. We look forward to sharing two-day weekends where activities and workshops for all ages are simultaneously held and the facilities are comfortably supportive of a community atmosphere.

Polyamory is the concept of adults having more than one loving relationship with the knowledge and consent of all adults involved.  While more common in our Canadian culture than one might expect, it is a quiet movement and children from those homes gain a sense of community from attending events like this one where other children from similar homes are in attendance. Kids who grow up in homes where multiple adults are parenting have a unique situation that promotes an extended support system much like the old days where the village raised its children together.    Support from others who embrace the same philosophy and the sharing of mutual experiences and issues is fundamental to the polyamory movement. 

We invite anyone interested in presenting child, youth or inter-generational workshop or activities suitable to a camping environment to contact us at vanisle_poly@yahoo.com with PolyAllAgesCamp BC in the subject line.

The best part of a Poly camping experience is...

Campfires!  S'mores, music, conversation, skits and more.

Meal time - cooking together, potlucking, conversation and hanging out.

Outdoors activities - swimming, hiking, sports

Workshops - excellent presentations, discussions, learning new ideas, stretching your skills, getting to know the practical of polyamory from the people themselves.

Kid activities - crafts, games and more

Youth activities - getting to know other kids from poly homes, exploring new ideas

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