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All calendars are unaffected by the new location. They have been ported over.  No new calendars will be added to this site but it will stay up until further notice.

The purpose of this site is to create a portal to calendars related to Polyamorous and ethical non-monogamy events across the globe.  The intention is to provide an information gateway to bring people together through community awareness both locally and on a world wide scale.  

        Any calendars that can be embedded are welcome and Google Calendars can be created for regions that do not have one established.  Calendars created are then turned over with full editing and sharing privileges to the Area Administrators (people who would be adding events to the calendars).

        Below each individual calendar is a link provided to submit events however there is no change to how an area currently does business.  Anyone who normally has event posting privileges can post to the calendar.  ***Events are posted on the root calendars, not the site pages.

        The majority of these calendars are brought to you by Google.  If you have a Google calendar of your own you can add others to be displayed by clicking the    button at the lower right corner.  Not sure how to create a Google Calendar? Watch this tutorial  Make a Google Calendar

        Embedding a calendar to your Blog or web site can be a great way to enhance your site.  Here's an example of this courtesy of a generous participant in the calendar project -  Vanpoly.ca
There are a few ways to embed a calendar and here is a video showing just one of those - Embed a Google Calendar

        There is a Resource page which is intended to provide links to information about Polyamory, event listings not on formatted calendars and, professional services.

Site Contact Info

For general inquiries and to have a local calendar created or linked to this site, please contact polyeventsvictoria@gmail.com