Poly Advice Nurse is a podcast about polyamory, run by me, Betty Baker. These are bite-sized leetle podcasts, dealing with poly issues beginning, intermediate, and advanced. View or Sign the P.A.N. Guestbook!

Auditory Advice Columns For the Polyamorous

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Note: Betty Baker, the "Poly Advice Nurse," is very knowledgeable
and experienced regarding polyamory

but is not formally trained in nursing or psychotherapy.
For help with serious issues,

please consult an appropriately trained
and licensed professional.

Poly Advice Nurse is all about polyamory, pancakes, and eleven polyamorous principles. The Poly Advice Nurse Podcasts are all just a few minutes long, so click on 'em, take a listen, and get some free advice.  The Poly Advice Nurse loves to get e-mail, so you can contact her at polyadvicenurse@gmail.com--ask her a question, argue with her, or praise her. You should also totally find Poly Advice Nurse on Facebook.

 My 11 Poly Principles

1. Polyamory is about loving multiple people.
2. Self-sufficiency is an essential relationship skill.
3. Remember that only you are responsible for your own happiness and mental health.
4. Assuming malice is stupid and counterproductive.
5. Chill the fuck out and cut out your hysteria.
6. Don't try to change your partners' fundamental traits.
7. Promote communication and nurture warmth.
8. Impose consequences for lies and unsafe sexual practices, and follow through on them.
9. Treat your crushes, partners, and metamors with respect and civility.
10. Be tender and attentive to all of your lovers.
11. When you're jealous and envious, get a life.

    Many polyamorous people are like biscuits: tender and flaky.  Others are like pancakes, tender but not flaky, and some are waffles: poly, but only while they're single.  Every sort of polyamorous carbohydrate needs advice, so, send me your questions (keep them under one hundred words) about open relationships and I'll do my best to tend to the health of your heart and soul. My name is Betty Baker, you can e-mail me at polyadvicenurse@gmail.com, and I am your Poly Advice Nurse.