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Recommended websites

The journal Onomastica - https://onomastica.ijp.pan.pl/

Bibliography of onomastics - https://onomastyka.ijp.pan.pl/

Onomastic Division of the Committee of Linguistics (Polish Academy of Sciences) - http://www.komjezyk.pan.pl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=119&Itemid=172

Polish Commission on Standardization of Geographical Names Outside the Republic of Poland - http://ksng.gugik.gov.pl/english/

Polish Commission on Names of Localities and Physiographical Objects - http://knmiof.mswia.gov.pl/

Electronic Dictionary of Polish Hydronyms (ESHP) - http://eshp.ijp.pan.pl/

Internet Dictionary of Surnames in Poland (ISNP) - https://nazwiska.ijp.pan.pl

International Committee of Slavists Commission of Slavic Onomastics - https://onomastyka.uni.lodz.pl/mkos-co-mks/organizacja

International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) - https://icosweb.net/drupal/

ICOS Lists of onomastic terminology (multilingual) - https://icosweb.net/publications/onomastic-terminology/

American Name Society - http://www.americannamesociety.org

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Namenforschung - https://www.gfn.name

Austrian onomastic network - http://onomastik.at

Das Portal für Namenforschung - https://www.namenforschung.net/