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Museum of long-range and strategic aviation is based on the territory of the Poltava military airfield, where in soviet times was based on 13-th guards Днепропетровско-Budapest order of Suvorov heavy bomber air division. In its structure there were 18 distant supersonic missile-bombers Tu-22М3 (Backfire), 6 distant jet airplanes-bombers Tu-16 Badger() and other equipment. After the collapse of the USSR division was disbanded. According to the Ukrainian-american Agreement on the elimination of strategic nuclear arms, in February 2006, the poltava military airfield cut the last bomber TU-22М3. The museum was saved 2 aircraft, a few more were brought from other cities. In particular, the largest in the world TU-160 strategic bomber. The only remaining on the territory of Ukraine, he is now the main attraction of the museum. Other exhibits are: Su-15, Tu-95MS, Tu-22КД, Tu-134УБЛ, Tu-22M2, Tu-22М3, Tu-16, An-26. A total of 9 machines

The museum is open all week except Mondays and Tuesdays, from 9.00 to 17.00. On the issues of organization and holding of excursions, contact us by phone:
In case, if a group of people sends a provisional application for carrying out of excursions, it is possible carrying out of excursions and weekend days (Monday, Tuesday).

The museum you can drive on the car, but prior approval of expedition over the phone.
The cost of visiting of a museum -10 uah
excursion to the cabin of the aircraft -10 uah
Photo and video - 10 uah

For help in Poltava call me: +380503527268