Anam Community

Anam also known by the subgroup ('Ezi and Ifite') are collection of peoples indigenous mostly to the northern region of Anambra State in Nigeria. Some are resident in Delta, Bayelsa, and Edo States also in Nigeria, many are found as migrant fishermen in camps as far west as Sierra Leone and as far east as Cameroon along the African coastline.

The Anam people number about 1.5 million formerly organized into several loose of villages which cooperated to defend themselves against outsiders. Anamites increasingly view themselves as belonging to a single coherent state, bound together by ties of language and culture. Although the community are now primarily Christians (67% profess to be), with Roman catholicism and Anglicanism being the varieties of christianity mostly prevalent among them. Anam community also have elaborate traditional religions practices of their own, veneration of ancestors play a central role in Anam traditional religion.

Water spirits, also known as 'Ndi Mmiri' figure prominently in the Anam pantheon, and each year the Anamites hold celebrations to honour the spirits of land and water lasting for several days. Central to the festivities is the role of masquerades, in which men wearing elaborate outfits and carved masks dance to the beat of sounds and manifest the influence of the land spirits through the quality and intensity of their dancing.
Particularly spectacular masqueraders are taken to actually be in the possession of the particular spirits on whose behalf they are dancing.