Members of this committee network through exchange of information in order to better impact nutrition and physical activity behaviors among Polk County youth. Primarily schools but pertinent for day cares, youth groups, Head Start, WIC, etc.



Increase capacity of schools to implement nutrition and/or physical activity interventions
Health Outcome:  Increase healthy weight/decrease overweight & obesity

Health Behaviors:  Increase physical activity, increase fruit/vegetable consumption, decrease sweetened beverage consumption, decrease consumption of high energy dense foods

  • By June 2010, two schools will complete a nutrition and physical activity assessment and create an action plan for 09-10 school year that facilitates implementation of at least one nutrition and/or physical activity intervention that supports school wellness policies.

  • By June 2010, at least two schools will have reviewed and updated their school wellness policy that includes goals for nutrition education, physical activity and guidelines for all foods available on the school campus.


  • 2010 Got Dirt? Workshop for youth gardens

  • 2008 AmeriCorps Farm to School - Partnered with the Osceola and St. Croix Falls school districts utilizing two AmeriCorps members to increase procurement of local foods and provide nutrition education that increased student acceptance of local foods purchased.

  • Created a school board presentation to highlight the School Wellness Policy mandate and encourage creation of a School Health Advisory Council at each school district

  • 2003-2005 Conducted School Vending Machine Survey


Amery School District
Roberta Edin, Food Service Director
Community Members
Julie Neuman
Osceola School District
April Hershfield-Johnson, Food Service Director
Polk County Health Department
Janel Hemmesch, RD, CBE