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Sweet Dreams!

posted Feb 24, 2010, 12:14 PM by Katie Davis

Today's topic: dreams. Did you know EVERYONE dreams, even if you can't remember it? Don't deny it! Here are some not-so-sleepy-boring facts on your dreams
  • A lucid dream is a dream where while dreaming, you know you are dreaming. (Whoa, I said dream four times)
  • The weather in a dream can interpret your thoughts about reality:
  • Fair weather-optimism
  • Thunderstorm-conflict/change
  • Cloudy Weather-confusion/uncertainy
  • Calm Skies-Peace!
  • Steady Rain-cleansing
  • violent storms or tornados-anger/helplessness
  • cold front-solitude
  • Babies dream about four more times than older people. They usually dream about things like Mom's voice or Dad's voice, ect.
  • It's impossible to have the same dream as someone else because you have two different minds, even if you are identical twins. The dreams could have been extremeley similar, but the same is not possible.

What is the Official Polkadot Press?

posted Jan 21, 2010, 7:59 PM by Katie Davis

The official polkadot press is almost a newspaper in a way. Real news and stories are collected and shared. Also,
other really cool things. It's the official and the only one. It gives real news even just about the site and the world.
I hope you really enjoy it!

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