The sanctuary of Athena Chalkioikos

    In 1907, the archaeologists of the British School of Athens excavated the foundations of the temple of Athena Chalkioikos on the acropolis of ancient Sparti. The name of the sanctuary derived from the material of the walls, which had been lined with copper foils. Athena Chalkioikos was the patron goddess and her sanctuary, placed to the most prominent point of the city, proves its importance. It was operated until the 4th century. The excavalation gave some parts of the sanctuary above the auditorium.

   Every year there was a celebration in which adults, armed Spartans formed a procession and sacrifices were made under the supervision of the ephors. Probably this ceremony was ‘'Athinaia’'. At the same area took place public rallies, parades and horse racing. This means that the precinct would cover enough space. The sanctuary was an asylum used by Lykourgos, Pausanias (1st) and Agis (4th).