Viewed in class:  #26 education / 02 no discrimination / 08 protection by law / 23 workers' rights

Viewed elsewhere:  #04 no slavery / 05 no torture / 11 innocent until proven guilty / 19 expression

 #19 public assembly / 21 democracy through participation / 22 social security / 24 play & relax



FDR / Eleanor / 1945 / WWII / U.N.


For whom should these rights exist?

Where should these rights exist?

Since when have they existed?


Eight years to eventually memorize -- 1776 / 1789 / 1865 / 1917 / 1929 / 1945 / 1954 / 1989


Where have these rights been made real?

What happened to make the rights real?

Where do these right not exist?

Is the list of right complete?

After over 50 years is there a need to update the rights listed? What right could be added?

Can a person claim a right not on anyone’s list?

What makes a right real?

·       Reasons/arguments

·       Group action to change opinion

·       Law/government [levels, branches]

·       Violence/force/war

Does the struggle to make life real ever end?

Do future generations have rights?

Do future generations have rights?

Do animals have rights?

Do plants have rights?

Does the earth itself have rights?


Which kind of action is most effective to put rights into effect?

--individual effort

--group effort

------interest group

------political party

------other group



#02 No discrimination (race, color, sex, language, religion, opinion,

       origin, property, birth or other status) [includes stature? athletic ability?]


#04 No slavery, slave trade [history teacher confronted]


#05 No torture, cruel, degrading treatment or punishment [domestic violence?]


#06 Rights no matter where you go [rescue by the U.N.?]


#08 Protection by law [music—rap]


#11 Innocent until proven guilty (racial element?)


#18 Freedom of thought and religion


#19 Expression (with music—piano/classical)

·        LAT, 8/22/09

o      Editorial, “Loathsome but legal?” A26 [re 2A/cts/fed+?]

o      Rutten, “Setting the Price for a Free Press” A27


#20 Assembly (“We shall overcome” / Tiananmen / Lenin – pulled down / Gandhi /

       Mandela / Berlin Wall) (music – chang) [quick history test]

·        LAT/OBAMA on Iran post-elections demonstrations


·        VIDEO

o      C. Chavez UFW


·        CLASS MATERIALS – list of dates



#21 Right to Democracy (child speaking up) [including elections; see others]



#22 Social Security (catchy tune with signs) [including healthcare]

·        VIDEO

o      Obama press / news conference

o      “Making Air Quality Complaints”

o      Phaedra

o      C. Chavez UFW


#23 Workers’ Rights (music – latin horn) [including joining a union]

·        VIDEO

o      C. Chavez UFW

o      Filipino workers from DHLI MySpace


#24 Right to play (with music -- Doors)


#25 Food and shelter


#26 Education


#27 Copyright [music or video?]

·               LAT, 8/22/09

o      Rutten, “Setting the Price for a Free Press” A27




Overall:  integration/connections with all subjects studied

n     Why music effective

n     Make video for class with music





Compare phrasing of those that are e.g. 18 on teaching/practice/worship/observance of religion


Compare inclusiveness of language


Environment videos

·        Phaedra (with music)

·        \

26 schools in your village

  2 shorty soccer

  8 rap

23 workers’ rights

C. Chavez, ufw


27 copyright

11 innocent until guilty

19 piano/classical

20 assembly/history

22 social security