GG - OS Ch 12 Presidency

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TOPIC= Presidency -- Click this link below to view the revised pdf for OS Chapters 12 and 15

READING IN   S  = Ch. 10, pp. 227 top-232 center, 235 par. 2-241 end, 243 top, 245 terms, summary #3-9


                        SSB  = Ch. 10, pp. 230-237 top, 241-246 end, 248 top, 250 terms, summary #3-9                       

READING IN   Vn = Ch. 5, pp. 64 end - 67 end,
including budget and  plural executive
                        Vn = Ch. 9, p.130 paragraph 2 and chart

                        Van = Ch. 5, pp, 58 top-60
center, including budget and  plural executive
*Pages in S
*Pages in Vn & V


Ch. 10, pp. 230-237 top, 241-246 end, 248 top, 250 terms, summary #3-9

US President* 
CA Governor*
Executive Powers & Privileges
230 last paragraph - 232 3rd paragraph 
Powers concerning
US and CA legislation

*Study Tip*
Gov & Pres are both concerned with clemency and with their respective budgets, but only the governor has the line item veto
 68 top
65 bottom - 67 top
229 3rd paragraph-230 5th     paragraph 

241 4th paragraph - 243 3rd paragraph 
Vice President  /
Lieutenant Governor

*Study Tip*:
They are chosen in different ways

70 center

67 , 4th paragraph
238 4th paragraph-241 3rd paragraph
254-255 Table 11-2 

US and CA
Organization of the Executive Branch

All key terms 70-72 bottom, Figure 5.2 74-75All key terms 68-69, 70 bottom, Figure 5.2 72-73
224 1st paragraph 
Legal basis for all
executive authority

65 bottom - 66 top64, 2nd paragraph
228 2nd paragraph - 229 2nd paragraph Authority over Armed
Forces outlined

69 2nd & 3rd paragraph66 last paragraph
235 1st paragraph - 237 2nd paragraph  Extent of Executive

76 last paragraph,
77 top
71, last paragraph
74, 1st paragraph
215 last paragraph  Control over Budget
*other than line-item

68 last paragraph,
69 top

66, 3rd paragraph
225 1st paragraph 
352 Article II Sec. 1 Clause 1 
361 Amendment XXII Sec. 1 1st paragraph
 Term Limits

*Study Tip*:
Both serve a maximum
of two terms!
 66 Figure 5.1 bottom
 64, bottom
62 Figure 5.1 bottom
62, 1st paragraph

George Skelton writing on Betty Yee


Stop here



Question 1 or Question 2 is due no later than the beginning of class after the Monday of Veterans Day.  Your thesis statment and list of three types of supporting evidence will be written in clas on Nov. 5 or Tuesday Nov. 6--
Question 1What are the three reasons that will best explain who will win in the 66th Assembly District on the Tuesday, November 6, 2012?

Question 2What are three important lessons learned by a student who was engaged with face-to-face--or online engagement- in the November 6, 2012, campaign for a candidate, proposition, or other ballot measure, or voter registration / pollwork?  (Be sure to specify the dates, times, and activities of the specific engagement).

Do not include your name, date, class, title of papter, page numbers or additional spaces between paragraphs.

Do use double spacing with one inch margins and Times New Roman 12 point font, and follow the directions below from Student Learning Outcome #13:

13.  Write a 500 word minimum (five paragraphs or more) essay in class that communicates a clear argument, thesis or claim. The essay will:          


 provide appropriate and convincing material to support the thesis, argument, or claim.
 include content appropriate to the assignment written with a clear pattern of organization.
 use appropriate language and the vocabulary of political science and other language appropriate to college.
 use sentences that demonstrate correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and other college writing skills
 avoid plagiarism by the use of sentences crediting four sources in a way that allows them to be located and  evaluated.
"The goal is always to provide readers with enough information to locate the source and to assess its reliability,  preferably,  within the sentences and paragraphs that you  write...." (Diana Hacker, A Pocket Style Manual, 5th edition, p. 137)