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United States with locations of Alaska, Hawaii 

                                        United States' Five Territories List / Clickable U.S. States

                                                    Interactive U.S. map for practice
                                              U.S map practice quiz--doesn't count

Washington crossing the Delaware River, 1776

                                     Washington's Enemy:  the Redcoats, 1776 + Dodge YouTube


Lincoln During the Civil War, ended 1865

Courtesy of Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, LC-B8171-7929 DLC

Allan Pinkerton, President Lincoln, and General John McClernand at Antietam.
October 3, 1862.

Map of United States during the Civil War (ended in 1865)
  1.      U.S. states, larger, horizontal (b& w outline)
  2.      U.S. States, maller, vertical with task (b & w outline)
  3.      U.S. States without names, and D.C. (colors)    
  4.      U.S. States with names—click one; two insets (without territories)
  5.      U.S. States with ZIP abbreviations, two insets (with territories and D.C.).
  6.        U.S. States--click state for facts from U.S. Census Bureau (without territory locations)    
  7.      CNN electoral college map:  safe / leaning / toss up (requires Adobe Flash 8.0 or higher)
  8.      Interactive map from 270 to (requires Adobe Flash 8.0 or highter)
  9.      Interactive map from
  10.      Interactive map from
  11.      Map from (not clickable, but see abbreviaions)

North America (from Ben's guide--red kite)

North America, including Alaska, Hawaii (from Ben's Guide--red kite)

North America, Washington, D.C. and all states including Alaska, Hawaii (from Ben's Guide--red kite)




Proquest L.A. Times database from LAHC (use your campus student login while off-campus) type your address to view your entire ballot with links scroll for parties | number of  each states' electors | pres. candidates' title, age, state | Propositions 1A-12
    Fill out online Vote by Mail Application:
    Fill out online Pollworker Application:
    Find Polling Place: replay Tenn. pres. debate with scrolling text | election center transcripts | "return to transcripts" --  more transcripts by date calendar at top

Terms for this class

Aggregate - SB ch. 6 Collection

Incumbent - person already in office, first two weeks

Open election- an election where there is no incumbent running

Lobbyist - an employee hired by an interest group to influence public policy

GOTV - "Get out the vote" or "Getting out the vote" is a term used to describe two categories of political activity, both aimed at increasing the number of votes cast in one or more elections.

GOP - SB ch. 6 Civil War (Lincoln = first GOP president)

SES -  SB ch. 6 socio-economic-status


Use the Debate Writing Guide after the debates with these sources:

Link for all debate transcripts

Link for CNN Tenn. debate replay with accompanying text

MySpace "My Debates" -- debate excerpts, discussion, and information 

Full debate videos from YouTube: Vice President,  #1 Mississippi,  #2 Tennessee,  #3 New York





                                               Third 2008 Presidential Debate, New York, 1:30


  Shift Happens III  

Instructions for Drawing Circles using Microsoft Word

1.     Select Insert Tab

2.     Select Shapes Icon


3.     Click on the Circle Shape

4.     Using your mouse stretch shape to desired size/shape

5.      Use "shift" key to change oval into circle

6.     To add text within the circle, right click within circle and select “Add Text”