Preview--Geography and Party Loyalty from Carney, ch. 4

Summary essay with links
M3   Geography Review Exercises, a-f and g-l           
M7   CA counties: 10 most southern (14/74 map)
Reading in Carney   
                        a. Initiative (including Proposition 13 - local government property tax reduction)

b. Referendum

c. Recall election

Name the state that....                      
  1. has most people
  2. is fastest growing
  3. shares coastline north of Mexico
  4. shares coastline with Mexico to the south
  5. shares coastline with Oregon to the north
  6. shares coastline south of Oregon
  7. has the 7th or 8th largest economy in the world
  8. has nation's largest commercial port
  9. has nation's second largest commercial port
  10. has the highest youth population
  11. has the highest population of millionaires 
  12. was the first to have two women U.S. Senators
  13. is the most urban state in the U.S. 
  14. has the third largest area among the 50 states
  15. has the second largest area among the 50 states
  16. has the largest area among the 50 states
  17. has one of the world's richest agricultural areas