What makes PolicySearch different?

With all the search engines out there, why use PolicySearch?

How We Started

PolicySearch was created by researchers, for researchers. After logging hundreds upon hundreds of hours on Google and other search engines, we often longed for a way to search only the credible sites, without having to wade through discussion boards, personal sites, and other non-credentialed sources. When the technology became available to us, we instantly launched PolicySearch to help researchers find what they are looking for without drowning in spam. All the advantages, none of the drawbacks.

What We Do

PolicySearch uses Google technology and searches through all of the major think tanks (the Cato Institute, the Brookings Institute, etc), several major newspapers and magazines (the NY Times, the Washington Post, etc) and encyclopedias (Wikipedia, for example). You get all the benefits of Google -- just without having to wade through the spam.

Why We're Different

We've been asked why this is any different than Google Scholar, another credentialed based research engine. The answer is simple. Google Scholar, though a great resource at times, is filled with an incredible amount of a strange type of spam. You can have great results...you just have to pay dearly for them. We're free. We think that's pretty cool.

Contact Us

If you find any source or website you feel should be included by PolicySearch and isn't, just drop us an email and we'll see what we can do. Happy researching.