About Us

PolicySearch was founded and is run completely by Shaun R. Connell, a homeschooling student who currently resides in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas.

He studying and researching political philosophy, economics, theology and other ideas of a like nature. He is especially concerned with the ideas and arguments dealing with natural law and the Second Amendment.

He has a two blogs that he regularly updates, both a serious Blogspot and a casual Xanga. He is also currently employed by Freedom Broadcasting, Inc. He holds a job there as a secretary and also works as an audio editor.

Shaun spent several years in the NCFCA, during which he acquired national level recognition, including placing first at the 2006 Masters policy debate tournament and placing fourth at the 2006 NCFCA National Tournament in team policy. It was during the long hours of preperation spent on Google that inspired the idea of PolicySearch at the start.

He plans on enrolling in college in the fall of '08, and then enrolling in a law school later on.