Empowerment of the Citizen

This project is a direct representation of the empowerment of the citizen.

Citizen empowerment is under constant discussion in many venues (for example: www.innovation.cc); of how to facilitate it and thus strengthen the community; of how to empower the common citizen to reform policing, to make the community a better place for all; of how to change the world in which we all live.

My conviction is that the primary force of empowerment is knowledge and, with this, access to it. The control of knowledge is a battle that has been raging for millennia, from the control of scribes (and the knowledge with which they were entrusted) in the employ of the rich and powerful, to the control of technology such as: the attempts by media conglomerates at enforcing DRM; the patenting of genes by private researchers; or even the esoteric scholarly infighting over access to ancient biblical texts.

Government agencies at all levels, from the federal to the local, are most adept at controlling information, whether gathering it or limiting its availability to the public, with the police the most visible symbol of this control.

Thus, with this project, my contribution to citizen empowerment is through these web pages and the knowledge they provide. As an individual you can act on this knowledge, or add to it (submit to my email: wmckay@gmail.com) and/or a donate to support it.

Policereform.org is an ongoing project to help raise awareness and empower citizens so as to improve policing.

At present, all costs associated with domain name registration, hosting, research, et cetera, are underwritten by me. Your help would be appreciated in making this website self-supporting and able to develop more in the future.

Thank you.

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