Part of the Government of Mexico's strategy in promoting the country as a friendly business environment and tourist destination is to downplay the rampant killings that plague many areas of the country. The national media, as directed by the government, does little to track what is occurring and international media is even less interested except when it effects one of their citizens.

This site is a small effort to help raise awareness.

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The project of mapping the narco related killings in Mexico has been reported in the CBC LA Times The Washington Post and Daily Markets as well as other respected publications.

Narco War Deaths TotalMexico Executions Avg/day (2012)Mexico Executions Avg/day (2011)Mexico Executions Avg/day (2010)Mexico Executions Avg/day (2009)Mexico Executions Avg/day (2008)Mexico Executions Avg/day (2007)Mexico Executions Avg/day (2006)
84000 42 45 43 32 23 14 0.17 
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From a recent report by the Congressional Research Service:

"a U.S. State Department survey conducted in July 2010 [stated] that a third of U.S. companies operating in Mexico had been affected by crime (usually either blackmail and kidnapping) and one-half had been affected by the government’s drug war with the traffickers" (June S. Beittel, Mexico’s Drug Trafficking Organizations: Source and Scope of the Rising Violence. Jan 7, 2011). For the complete report go to:

Losing the War: The Carnage and Despair of Mexico in 2010 Written by Walter McKay, edited by C.A. Maxwell.

Written by a former police officer turned security consultant, Walter McKay's first-hand account of the bloody drug war that intensified to fever pitch in 2010 chronicles the media coverage throughout the year with a monthly tally of victims caught in the line of fire. 'Losing the War' includes information from McKay's blog "Policing in Mexico" and supplementary information surrounding the events that ushered in a blood-soaked reality of daily violence, corruption and murder.
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