Winterization and storage

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Polaris Winterization Procedures
(PWC Team Tip vol 10, number 11)

Winterizing Overview, Additional links

Winterizing-Here's how

Winterizing comments
Tuned exhaust pipes must be properly drained

1992, 1993 Polaris
(additional drain procedure for early year Fuji engines with water cooled crankcase

1992 Polaris SL650's through serial number PLE 04038D292
Cooling hose routing Service Bulletin (PWC-92-06 ???)

Winterizing with Antifreeze
If you must use anti-freeze, use only Propylene glycol
Do not use alcohol or automotive Ethylene glycol anti-freeze

Polaris Engine Fogging Kits, using liquid fogging oil
Winterizing carb engines; using the Polaris engine fogging kits 2872635, 2871480, etc

Protecting the engine exterior, clearing exhaust waterbox, draining hull
Starting engine in Spring, burning off the fogging oil

What protectant should I use to spray on the engine exterior and other metal parts inside the hull?
Note: Do not use WD-40 or any solvent based product. WD-40 is not effective for protecting metal.
Solvent based products can attack
rubber parts, flexible hoses and wire insulation and over time can cause them to degrade. If you can, look for Low VOC or non-VOC products.
Never spray these products inside the engine. Use engine fogging oil to protect the engine internals.

Store with full fuel tank (with fuel stabilizer), ventilate hull interior

Storage with non-Ethanol gasoline preferred

Nose high draining, especially for Ficht fuel injected engines
Drains water from flywheel cover, EMM water cooling hoses

MSX 150 and MSX 110 Winterizing / Storage instructions

2004 Polaris MSX owner's manual - storage

Winterizing a non-running engine

More storage tips
What to do if you forgot to winterize before it got cold
Battery maintaining, empty vs full fuel tank storage

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