Substitute and Alternative parts

Substitute and Alternative parts, Replacements for out-of-stock OEM parts

Polaris OEM replacement 3mm oil hose - 8450061-600

3mm ID, 7mm OD is the exact size of the original Polaris oil hoses.
It is common to use generic fuel/oil hose 1/8 inch ID (inside diameter) when replacing old oil hoses. That said, the Polaris OEM hoses are of good quality.

Note: The Polaris OEM oil hose clamps
7080603 (Clamp, 7 mm) are sized to be snug on the 7mm OD of the OEM hose. If you use a substitute oil hose, be sure the clamps are snug enough to prevent the hose from working off the nipples or leaking.


Pro 785 engine - O-rings for the exhaust pipes
McMaster 9464K56 The size is 2-333 Viton.

PRO785 Lord Mounts for triple exhaust pipes
(rgard)  Pro 785 rubber pipe mounts

Mine broke.and after looking at them ..Well they're glued together which is junk for surf riding...
I bought these;

5823K21 Natural Rubber Sandwich Mount W/304 SS Stud Cylindrical, Male/Male, 3/8"-16 Thread, 3/4" Height

The original mounts are 1 1/4 inch thick rubber.. I used washers to make up the 1/2 inch difference....the diameter of the rubber was bigger also...BUT I didn't have any issues with clearances... these mounts are 11 bucks and are a TON stronger than the 48 dollar mounts that Polaris sells. These screw right into the hull mounts...same size and are stainless steel.